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January 20th, 2010

...it's alive.

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First off ~ to those who were worried that I'd been run over by a Mac Truck and left for the buzzards on the side of a road (or carried off by flying monkeys and forced to clean toilets in OZ) ~ I'm sorry.

*Bows low and with great humility at causing concern to friends*

As some of you might have gathered, or have found out from the uber detective Tameiki, I have in fact been carried off by Second Life. Physically I'm fit as a fiddle. Mentally...well...maybe not so much, but I'm at the very least...happy.

I have a tendancy every few years, to go underground emotionally ~ and whatever the trigger was this time, I found inner calm by total immersion in that alternative universe, SL.

All free time is spent doing domestic duties efficiently and with a sense of calm that other hobbies and avenues online were not affording myself. All in the name of being able to justify the time spent gardening/terra-forming on rented land, exploring, shopping, building and otherwise wallowing in a place beyond the anxious world we collectively live in.

Why SL?

Because it allows me to play with a doll that I can dress up and shop for without breaking the bank? Because the doll is interactive with other dolls? Probably that is the basis of my falling head over tea kettle into that place....

I also needed a break from resin dolls. Actually...I needed to stop myself cold from an obession that was starting to take over my house...and confining it to a server somewhere in California is not such a bad thing. Besides... it's MUCH cheaper.

I also needed a break from myself ~ doll forums were triggering fits of negative emotions in me that I found distasteful. I needed a distance from drama or potential drama....or the drama swilling about in my brain and no-one-elses. Dolls, if you can believe it, were making me an angry person. SL allows me to quash those feelings, but still lets me interact....or not. I'm not exactly a social butterfly in SL.

One of the first things I did when I arrived inworld was find islands of serenity ~ Shinto and Buddhist temples where I would sit my avatar down and lose myself in the calm sound of chimes and water lapping up against the shore and the gentle cacaphony of birds chirping. Sometimes the area would have soothing music to listen to as well.

I'd light inscense beside my PC. And for the first time in a long time I could let go of some of the crushing anxiety that has been growing within me.

Don't misunderstand....all is good in the Pira-hood ....except I feel as though I'm tapping into everyone elses' fears and worries, and I needed a break from the nightly shakes that would start like clockwork at a given time and if I didn't find a way to neutralize them, would have me wandering blindly around the house in the middle of the night until they passed. Same bat time. Same bat channel. 7 days a week.

I also found it extrodinarily difficult to find words to share here. I'd already dragged you through my BJD madness...I couldn't see myself doing it with a MMORPG. But it was more than that ~ I was by this point questioning anything that I wanted to journal about. I just couldn't find the desire to navel gazing about anything ~ movies, books, the U2 concert I was dragged to kicking and screaming...again. I'd stare at my journal....not even signed in and my brain would draw a huge blank as I wondered what it was I was about to say. Eventually I didn't even look at it.

I was wrong to not just say: "YO..folks. Got myself buried in an immersive technology and won't be up for air any time soon. But don't worry, it's all good."

Again. I'm sorry.

Thank-you for caring.

I don't deserve your kind thoughts, but I am grateful for them. You have big hearts and generous souls *^__^*


August 29th, 2009

Something is brewing in Corea

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Those evil minds at Fairyland have announced their *summer* event to start on Monday...or something like that.

Whatever it is, I hope in involves cat ears so I can pick some up for Kulta & Tuuli's brood.

AND NOTHING ELSE that remotely tempts me....

*puts up hand*

Ariss ....don't give me that look. And that goes for the rest of you too!

I was reminded....

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...when visiting Irondog yesterday, about this set of photos I took in June and forgot to *unlock* from private in my journal, as I was going to post them with commentary when I was in Vancouver.

Both she and Lilly had commented a week ago that they didn't know Willow's wig was two tone blonde, and when Irondog saw her brother Kulta yesterday, she made a similar comment ~ basically how the colour doesn't come across in photographs.

It reminded me about this set that I did, and how much it showed the wonderful wig of Willow's off, not to mention everything else. The light was early morning, before 8 a.m. and very soft, illuminating her light resin without washing it out.

Anyway....here are my favourite pictures of my little neko. :)

willow )


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Well Amazon.ca cancelled my preorder from about a year ago, for the seinen manga A Distant Neighborhood Volume 1 By Jiro Taniguchi, as they can't obtain it.

I've checked around online and it seems that despite the advance rave reviews across the board, it's just not available for purchase.

The French get spoiled with titles on a montly basis but, getting them the same works in English is almost impossible...

*sigh*....I can only hope that the delay isn't permanent.

I'm so used to waiting for YEARS for a single volume that I don't know why this should peeve me so, but it does....

Probably the very real fear that the publisher will go belly up in this economy before the volume hits the street. Or that the release is so limited that I have to scrounge it from a European seller....again.

August 28th, 2009

Colour me stoopid

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While I really like my Kai (LatiRed) I have had issues with his posibility.

Sporting ridiculously long legsnd, double jointed he's beautifully crafted (and sculpted), but I'd been very peeved about the fact that his torso appeared to be two pieces yet was totally rigid...which made posing him in the seated position very difficult..if not impossible.

Now I'd been toying with trading him with another doll owner for her MSD Souldoll Amy, but had hesitated. I tend to go on my instincts and am glad now that I didn't initiate the trade because I learnend something important about my doll when visiting Irondog today.

While she was showing me the torso joint of her SD boy I got to thinking a bit more about the way my guy was engineered and what appeared to be an immovable joint (which made no sense). So I started by pulling slightly at the waist...nothing. I then proceeded to pull more firmly hoping it was just a matter of him being tightly strung and pop what should I find? That really is a joint which allows him to slouch forward into a sitting posture!

I have BONDED with my boy!

I can put up with a lot but I will not abide a doll that has to lean against another object in order to strike a seated post and I was thrilled to learn that he can sit on his own!

While I feel a bit foolish for not having forced the issue before this, I also have to say that there are few images of him online seated without clothes on so that I can see exactly how this joint operates and these guys don't come with instruction manuals....and when you start dealing with these more expenisive resins you get nervous forcing ANYthing in case you break something.

Anyway ~ Kai is now officially in my good books and will get his body blushing ~ something I'd held off on when still undecided on his sticking around.

In other news ~ found the cat eyes that will go into the CP Lishe neko girl =^..^= *purrs*

Resin theory

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Q: What happens when you put 2 crazy doll ladies and 10 dolls into the same room together?

A: The laws of physics get bent out of shape as time speeds up and 5 1/2 hours flash by in seconds.

*^__^* OF course Professor Tameiki had already done the math and predicted as much.

Waiter ~ reality cheque please

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...the best part is that it's part of an online series about people who are addicted to play games online.

Crazy things some folks do with their time, eh? Thank goodness I haven't gotten sucked down into that abyss...


*sound of eyes rolling fills the room*

August 27th, 2009

Zoom zoom

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Drove Teh Sprog and his buddy home this morning.

Tossed the limp and mold contents of the fridge into the garbage (would it kill these people to eat the fruit I buy them without my having to prep it first?) and went to the grocery store while Teh Bob, Middling and sprog went to the gym for a workout.

Came home, filled the fridge and then: hard boiled 2 1/2 dozen eggs (that I'd been aging to this end), made a salad, cleaned and hulled a few pints of strawberries and put those in the fridge and grilled two halves of fresh salmon.

While I was waiting for the latter to cook, I had enough time to jump online and into SL (Sildil that is why you might have seen me in there) and had a notice from my favourite kimono shop that they had a anniversary kimono for sale (bargin price) and were part of some fashion hunt which netted me another stunning kimono.

So my 20 minutes online were spent scoring virtual kimono.

I am so pathetic.

*ponders all the moldy fruit I threw into the garbage atop all the take out they'd bought*

....but then so are they. =__= Seriously people. Two pieces of bread and a slice of ham is not rocket science.

ANYway....Salmon was ready. Family came home. I did a few more quick chores before jumping back in the car to turn around and sit for another 2 hours at 120km/hr while my brain curdled in boredom.

Having my second coffee of the day now (at 5 pm) as I don't like to drink java while on the road and then start fretting about having to let it out when I get stuck in a traffic jam.

When said coffee is finished I'm off to burn the household trash then water/feed the cluckettes in the barn and contemplate picking dill for drying.

Tomorrow morning I really should scrub the tiles in the sauna for my mother before I head off to see Irondog with my dollies in tow...

*Irondog + resins = WOOT*

Need I tell you how MUCH I am looking forward to adult interaction about topics I'm interested in?

Thought not.

August 26th, 2009

Go Joe

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Saw GI Joe the movie today.

While I watched and my brain partitioned itself to sort out things I have to do for the rest of the week I will admit that it could have been very much worse.

First off, I fully acknowledge it's a two hour toy promo. I KNOW what I was getting into long before my butt settled into the theatre seat.

Read a review of this film when it was first released that basically said that if a movie critic is dissing this thing they are missing the point ~ YES it's as messy as a 9 year olds room and makes about as much sense as the stories 9 years olds make-up when they play with GI Joe toys....it is what it is and it is boomboom fluff.

I saw this film with a pair of 9 year old boys.

The same boys who have been running around the house busily building and then destroying bionicles for three days now in wars of good vs evil. Much boom boom is involved in the imaginatary conflagulations.

The dialogue and/or plot in the film sounded very much like what I'd been listening to for the past three days.

I don't need to tell you that the boys sat still, wide-eyed and grinning the entire film.

Critics be damned, someone hit the mark dead on. These boys wanted to see things go BOOM in really cool ways and they left quite satisfied with the experience.

ANYone over the age of twelve (unless you are a female who MUST have a Channing Tatum fix, which is it's own kind of boomboom) are advised to find some other way to spend $10.

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Hmmmm so the LittleFee's outfit fits her perfectly.

The pukifee's outfit can barely close and thank goodness I'd taken the time to spray him with MSC or I would have not been happy trying to get the colour that rubbed onto the resin, off.

Bad Fairyland.

I didn't get the fullset for the outfit though ~ it's the extra hands, sleeping face, and other promos that made that worth purchasing instead of just the basic set.

SO thankfully Apis at Fairyland sent him a little outfit (the Featherfall summer promo), while a bit big it keeps him from being starkers until I can get him home and see if I can't find him something in the boxes of clothing....although I'll have to make him something suitable regardless.


Dolly list Version 2

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 SUBobobie ~ Ariel MSD ~ resin43 cmF Fire Element 
 SIMON KOIVUBambicrony Elf ~ Kumi YoSD ~ resin27 cmMForest Elf ~ younger
brother of Tuuli
 KULTA HANNUCP Luts ~ Lishe minifeeMSD ~ resin41 cmF3-D version of
my Second Life
neko avatar
 KOHLDollzone ~ HidMSD ~ resin44 cmMPoet ~ half demon
companion of Willow
Dollzone ~ Shoyo 3MSD ~ resin43 cmFNeko girl ~ younger sister of Kulta Velvetpaw, companion of Kohl 
 KULTA VELVETPAWDollzone ~ Floy 2SD ~ resin61 cmMNeko Boy ~
 Scholar, husband  of Tuuli,
 brother to Willow,
father of Aamu & Kuu
Elfdoll ~  Aurora LE40SD ~ resin57 cmFForest Elf ~
Wife of Kulta,
sister of Simon,
mother of Aamu & Kuu
 TAKARA RYUElfdoll ~ HazySD ~ resin57 cmFYakuza princess ~ older, half-sister to Kai 
 ROSEElfdoll ~ Doona: Little Soah Tiny ~ resin20 cmF  
 AAMU VELVETPAWFairyland ~ LittleFee Chiwoo Elf YoSD
~ resin
25cmFDaughter of Kulta & Tuuli 
 PIKKUFairyland Puki ~PongpongTiny ~ resin11 cmMForest sprite 
 PIPFairyland Puki ~  Piki
Tiny ~ resin11 cmMForest sprite 
 PLUMFairyland Puki ~ PipiTiny ~ resin11 cmFForest sprite 
 KUU VELVETPAWFairyland ~ Pukifee ShiwooTiny ~ resin15.5 cmMSon of Kulta & Tuuli 
 SAGANO KAILati Red ~ L SD ~ resin63 cmM Yakuza Heir ~ half brother of Ryu 
 SAMUAL AALTOLati Blue Rei head / DZ MSD new body MSD ~ resin 44 cmMMerchant Mariner 
 VIVIANObitsu 60cm GretelSD ~ vinyl60 cmF1940's film star 
 CLAUDETTEObitsu 55cm / Volks DDI torsoHarukaSD ~ vinyl55 cmF1930's film star 
 INARIObitsu 50cm
SD ~ vinyl50 cmFKitsune ~ Harvest Goddess 
 DUDEObitsu muscular maleTiny  ~ vinyl27 cmM
Brother to Monk  ~ he abides
 MONKObitsu muscular maleTiny  ~vinyl27 cmMCoroporate Executive ~ brother to Dude 
 AKAObitsu female ~ nano haruka headTiny ~ vinyl21 cmF
Red Kitsune messenger to Inari
KUROObitsu female ~ nano gretel headTiny ~ vinyl21 cmFBlack Kitsune Messenger to Inari 
 MARIAObitsu female ~ clearTiny ~ plastic / vinyl25 cmFAndroid 
 TURQResinsoul ~ Bao YoSD ~ resom28 cmMWater sprite ~ brother of Azul & Lapis 
 AZULResinsoul ~ Bei YoSD ~ resin27 cmFWater sprite ~ sister of Turq & Lapis 
 MIZUResinsoul ~ Jun MSD ~ resin43 cmM Water element ~ in love with Samual 
 SORAResinsoul ~ Mei MSD ~ resin40 cmF Sky element 
 LAPISResinsoul  ~ Yu Tiny ~ resin14 cmMWater sprite ~ bother of Turq & Azul 
 POCAFelixdoll Brownie ~ Adele
Tiny  ~ resin 11 cmFMeadow sprite  
 PEPITAFelixdoll Brownie ~ Angel
Tiny - resin11 cmFMeadow sprite 
 PENNIFelixdoll Brownie ~ Momo
Tiny ~ resin11 cm FMeadow sprite 
 MR. OMEGATriad ~ OmegaTiny ~ vinyl28 cmMCorporate Muscle ~ in lust with Dude / employee of Monk 

All in the family

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Yesterday I started on the doll list [info]drichrequested, for those following my madness but not familiar with the items and going cross-eyed from all my references out of context.

As I'm not at home I can't add photos to go with the items and I have to start hunting up heights that I don't know off the top of my head.

At this point I have them listed in alphabetical order by maker / model. If you prefer I can set them alphabetically by character name.

Let me know if there are any preferences.

When I get around to adding the photo thumbnails I'll put the entire thing under a lj~cut but for the time being I'll just be working on it as is.

*wish I could recall the html in IJ for tables...need to see if I can't scrounge that up*

...HAH...answered my own question with the *other* way of posting. I usually use do my own coding within a post. DUH.

Icky rainy day around here. Good thing I planned to take the sprog and his buddy to town for a buffet feast lunch (Teh Sprogs favourite restaurant) and then off to see that GI Joe movie. Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous .... it would have been a waste of a day to spend it in a theatre >D

*stares at bottom off coffee cup*....and that would be the signal that it's time for me to go to the barn and count some chickens...

August 25th, 2009

Doll List

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Model / name / Type / Height / Gender / Role

Bobobie Ariel / SU / MSD / / F / Fire Element

Bambicrony Elf Kumi ~ SIMON KOIVU / YoSD // M / Forest Elf ~ Tuuli's younger brother

CP Luts Lishe ~ KULTA HANNU MSD // F / Neko ~ a 3D version of my SL avatar

Dollzone Hid ~ KOHL ~ MSD/ 44cm / M / Poet ~ half demon boyfriend of Willow

Dollzone Shoyo 3 ~ WILLOW VELVETPAW MSD / 43cm / F / Nekogirl ~ younger sister of Kulta

Dollzone Catboy Floy ~ KULTA VELVETPAW SD / 61cm / M / Nekoboy ~ husband of Tuuli, father of Aamu &

Elfdoll Aurora LE40 ~ TUULI VELVETPAW SD / 58cm / F / Forest Elf ~ wife of Tuuli, mother of Aamu &

Elfdoll Hazy ~ TAKARA RYU SD / 58cm/ F / Yakuza Princess ~ half sister to Kai

Elfdoll Little Soah ~ ROSE Tiny/ / F /

Fairyland LittleFee Chiwoo Elf ~ AAMU VELVETPAW YoSD / / F / half elf/ half neko daughter of Tuuli & Kulta

Fairyland Puki Pongpong ~ PIKKU Tiny / 11cm / M / Forest sprite
Fairyland Puki Piki ~ PIP Tiny / 11cm / M / Forest sprite
Fairyland Puki pipi ~ PLUM Tiny / 11cm / F / Forest sprite

Fairyland Pukifee Shiwoo ~ KUU VELVETPAW Tiny / / M / half elf half neko son of Tuuli & Kulta

Lati Red L ~ SAGANO KAI SD / 63cm / M / Yakuza Heir ~ half brother to Ryu

Lati Blue Rei head / DZ MSD new body SAMUAL AALTO MSD / 44cm / M / Merchant Mariner

Obitsu 60cm Gretel ~ VIVIAN SD / 60 cm / F / 1940s Film Star

Obitsu 55cm Haruka ~ CLAUDETTE SD / 55cm / F / 1930's Film Star

Obitsu 50cm ~ INARI SD / 50cm vinyl / F / Kitsune Deity

Resinsoul Bei ~ AZUL YoSD // F / Blue Water sprite
Resinsoul Yu ~ LAPIS Tiny // M / Blue Water sprite
Resinsoul Bao ~ TURQ YoSD // M / Blue Water sprite

Resinsoul Mei ~ SORA MSD / / F / Sky Element
Resinsoul Jun ~ MIZU MSD / / M/ Water Element ~ in love with Samual

Felixdoll Brownie Adele ~ POCA Tiny /11cm / F / Meadow Sprite
Felixdoll Brownie Angel ~ PEPITA Tiny /11cm / F / Meadow Sprite
Felixdoll Brownie Momo ~ PENNI Tiny /11cm / F / Meadow Sprite

August 24th, 2009

Back from the city....

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It was a quiet 18 hours while it lasted.

Teh Sprog has his buddy up with him 'til Thursday which means I'll have to put a bit more thought into the meals...but 9 year old boys are generally grazing locusts and will inhale anything shoved in front of them so they can get back to playing.

My box with dolls had indeed arrived by the time I reached homebase.

The Fairyland Pukifee Elf Shiwoo and Littlefee Elf Chiwoo are utterly and scrumptiously adorable .... if I thought to wee 11 cm puki could pose, it doesn't (but should) prepare one for the amazing posing ability of the larger models. The engineering behind these little guys is amazing.

Not only do they pose wonderfully but they are pretty when they do so....as in they have VERY pretty knees and elbow joints when they kneel etc....unlike most dolls which pop joints or have square *wretch* bendy parts.

I am now, officially, a hardcore Fairyland Fan. I'm safe from any more pukifee...one that middle tiny size is enough. I can't say I wouldn't bounce on another elfling Littlefee though... *stares at posing doll in awe*....so well made and so exquiste. I am so doomed to be sure if they include one in the line-up at for their holiday promos.

Aside from counting any resins prior to being hatched...these two are definately siblings...she just looks like she is ready to scold her bratty little brother at the drop of a hat. Kulta and Tuuli finally have their family....and what a pair they are! *^__^*

As an aside....the used doll I purchased this morning is a Fairyland doll aswell, as the company is under the the creative umbrella that includes three doll companies that work together FL, CP and Luts and designed/engineered this particular doll sold by the latter.


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1. They are out for delivery!

2. Irondog has moved mountains (yes dear you have) to be available for another visit this week!

3. A seller I trust had an old CP Luts Lishe (far left, before Minifees became exlusively Fairyland turf) girl in the skintone I was gunning after, for sale this morning at a very good price.

I say she *had* because I'm bringing my Avatar base home. Spotted Leopard girl prowrrrr is a go!


Yes freaking hopeless but I did say I was planning on it and the CDN $ is up and the cost was a $150 US less than buying it new from FL.

Ariss that makes 23. I am made of fail but happy fail.

Resin stork commeth?

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The sprog went home with Teh Bob yesterday to save him a double car trip and he wanted to see his sister.

Today I go back home to pick him and his best friend up and turn around to come back to the farm. I was planning on taking them back Thursday.

I've been watching the tracking number for a pair of Fairyland dolls that I ordered waaaaay back in May and figured they would be arriving Wednesday, so there was a good chance I might be able to bring them up to squee when I dropped the kiddies off.

Apparently they are at the local post office already ~ Oh my.

Dare I hope that before I leave the farm the tracking update will state they are out for delivery??


August 23rd, 2009

Speaking of throwing $ at bad habits....

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I'm was looking for a song in Youtube and along the way found the following. Fascinating stuff....in particular the last 10 seconds. @_@!!!

One can justify anything if they look at it from the right angle...

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When I started in SL it was only a matter of time before I would start to want a place to call my own in order to play at terraforming.

It would also be a nice to have a place to call my own ~ where I could park my AV when I am eventually learning to build things and reading info inworld....and a place to get her/him nekked and change clothes without being in public.

Now my place is open to the public and I'm hardly worried about modesty, so someone seeing Kulta starkers isn't the issue. It's a matter of not being rude and stripping down in someones backyard.

ANYway ~ no surprise Xan's husband had a pretty piece of real estate waiting for me.

I have of course been spoiled. I don't have to deal with *griefers* (SL Trolls) or nasty neigbours due to the fact that I have common lands all around me, a sensible covenant and law abiding neighbours and awesome terrain to work with.

So I pay rent (not remotely high by SL standards either...hence le spoiled kitty am I) and when I mentioned this to Teh Bob, his eyes bugged out. The gears in his brain froze up solid and then he quietly told me I was INSANE to pay for vapor.


I told him that the definition of *vapor* is all relative. He went to a NHL playoff game in NYC this spring. The tickets/flight etc were not cheap. What he spent in 24 hours could buy me 3 YEARS of vapor. I will get a whole lot more play and enjoyment if you count dollars = hours than he did for something that is no more *real* than pushing cursors around in an online environment. He wasn't playing the hockey game...he was just watching and enjoying it with a friend...how is that different from what I'm doing?

I also mentioned that this particular hobby is cheaper than dolls.

Without missing a beat he told me he'd rather I bought more dolls than payed for something that didn't really exist.


I want that in writing...because it's not like I'm not TEMPTED!

Seriously ~ really am tempted but will hold the line at the pack I have right now as I await the arrival of my lastest two (whom I ordered in May)... and while I'm planning another (I want to recreate my Av as a doll) I am not going to let impulse guide me.

AND that becomes interestingly simple enough to accomplish by just doing the math and realize that: 1 Doll = 5 months of shopping inworld (I give myself a weekly allowance) or 18 months SL rent.*

Suddenly the play value of another doll doesn't quite make sense...even if I can hold it in my hot little hands. Especially when I have so many that are mid project and I'm happy with.

Kulta is a doll too, but one that can literally interact with other peoples dolls and I can accumulate a closet of outfits for at a fraction of the cost.

If NOTHING else, SL has stopped me from endlessly snooping around doll shoppes online. OH I keep updated on what is available but the habit has been replaced with snooping around clothing shops in SL. It satisfies the need without making the wallet scream for mercy.

I'm not going to say that's a good thing....it's just less of a bad thing. ;)

August 21st, 2009

How to cope with SL withdrawl....

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Sit back and read the Second Life fashion police blogs.

Thing is....I agree with them.

One thing I noticed in SL quite soon after falling into it and discovering that it's a shopaholics dream come true ~is that a lot of people's fantasy is not to be a neko dude, panda girl, cybernetic steam punk or purple alien.


My first impression was thus:

People want to be bimbos.

HO-bos you might say from the look of the clothing (or lack thereof) that is available and what people wear.

Naturally they are not all aiming to be swinging from poles or standing on a street corner but sometimes you gotta wonder WTF!?

Of course it really doesn't help to discover that a lot of these SLuts are actually men pretending to be their own wetdreams and hoping to hook up for some lesbian cyber smexing.

Am I the only one amused by the idea of a bunch of straight guys jerking each other off as girls in SL?

I think not *^__^*

ANYway.....the fashionistas have a lot of very good points to make about the dos and don'ts of dressing your avatars in SL (I am learning much about how to attach things and where to shop that doesn't cater to the trailer trash set)... when they can dig their pretty little heads out of their own asses.

THIS flikr site is where they share their paparatzzi shots of fug-fashion. Colour me endlessly entertained cause dayum....

Thing is....I don't want to slag someones fantasy...after all, it IS their fantasy so whatever. Yet it so grates on my senses when people actually mess with the sliders (things used to change your avatars regular human shape) until they have severely deformed their characters. NOW I understand why Xan complimented me on the shape of my girl when I first started in SL ~ she murmured that it must be my artist background that allowed me to tweek her proportionally without going overboard like most newbies.

As it is, my boobs are still smaller than most adult female ones in SL and my boys pants don't look like he's got something trying to escape from them, nor do his shoulders require their own areacode. *sighs*

Boom boom

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So yesterday the humidity was trying to strangle us and on my way home from visiting Irondog and Crystalily in Oshawa, I was basically racing a thunderstorm.

Didn't quite make it ~ it was a fairly dramatic display of lighting as I sped along the rural highway and then it started to rain. We dashed inside around 6 pm and I was trying to decide what to do.

1) go to the barn in the storm and tend the chickens or
2) wait it out

The problem out here is that if the power goes off due to weather you lose the ability to draw water from the well ~ and while I use the word *well*. it's not the traditional, can climb down into it with a bucket if needbe type. It's a pipe drilled down 75'. No power. No water.

So I cooked Wil his supper and made a cuppa coffee ~ the sound of the rain on the steel roof was spectacular.

He ate.

I had my coffee.

It got darker.

It was 6:30 and I decided we had to go to the barn ~ so off we schlepped in the downpour. Big broad rimmed cowpoke hats keeping the water from running down our necks. Wearing windbreakers against the rain it was a questionable choice as it was so hot you were soaked anyway from sweat.

I filled extra buckets with water just in case the power cut out and wasn't running the next morning.

The chickens fed and watered I closed up the barn and we tromped through the mud back to the house.

We get in.

The phone rings and Teh Bob is telling me there are tornado warnings in my area. I tell him that I might lose the phone line any second....the phone had been funky for the past hour as I couldn't call him before I went to the barn.

Power goes out.

Power goes on.

I call him back...he tells me I got through fine...I said again that the chances of us losing phone due power outage was high when midsentence...

Power goes out again and stays out.

THEN I'm trying to find flashlights in my parents place in the middle of a raging thunderstorm....

I light the oil lamps....

...and we step outside to watch the sky turn various shades of black, green and orange ~ clouds parted north of us and the sun shone large and angry across the landscape ~ turning everything a very funky shade of yellow. My parents home is on a rise, the land overlooking lower areas to the west so they generally can just sit back and *watch* weather come toward them.

The sprog stared at the sky and said;"It's green. That can't be good."

We got rain, and eventually the power came back on...but...other parts of the region apparently got pasted. Picked-up, chewed-over and spat out.

I'm feeling mighty grateful for just being soaked through when doing the chores last night and slightly inconvenienced by the hydro being off.
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