Pretty twisted

Pretty twisted

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TODAY...no dolly piccies.

We have for your viewing pleausure: images of parrot tulips, in all their twisted glory :3

These guys really presented a problem, because they have a natural, waxy surface that reflects light in an odd fashion or appears grey before they completely unfurled...so I had to wait a day and go back when they'd opened u a bit more.

While I genuinely find pleasure in the streamlined angles of a regular tulip, after a while they all look the same. On the other hand, the parrot variety presents an endless parade of contours and shadows in which not only do the colour break but the petals do as well, feathering and curling in individually unique directions ~ they are rather like the anti-tulip tulip >D

  • Wow. Those are really pretty. I like the one with the sunlight shining through the petals. I never knew they had an actual name. I always thought they were some kind of mutant tulip or something.
    • *likes the sunlit ones too*

      As for being mutants...yeah they actually are. This style of tulip resulted from genetic mutations (the colour breaks are from a virus that cause the colours to ...well break)

      ...these ones are pretty simple ~ I like them because they are totally alien (but then I like wonky flowers/flowers on twisty stems.. and will keep a solitary one in a vase just to appreciate it's individuality)...but there are those that have completely feathered edges to the petals that are also part of the parrot family of tulips.
  • *grins*
    You know what I thought? Evil plant demon. No really! I watch too much anime^_^
  • I LOVE parrot tulips and I think...I've said that before.......
    • You and I share the same twisted tastes in flora.

  • I don't think I've ever seen that variety of tulip before. It's interesting, but I think I like the regular ones better.

    Isn't there a really pretty fringed variety?
    • Parrot tulips are twisted or fringed....or both. :)

      I really love the straight lines of regular tulips but after a while around here...you've seen a lot of little neat soldier tulips and one starts hankering for something a bit ...bent.

      Our city loves to plant tulips. THOUSANDS of bulbs get shoved into the ground each autumn and I can't swing a cat around here without seeing the regular variety XD...and seeing as I live in the down town there is no missing them.

      This year for some reason (I think over population) the squirrels have lost their minds and have been eating the heads off tulips stalks just before they bloom. I and others had groupings of new bulbs that we never got to enjoy and for the life of me I can't recall what colour I stuck inthe ground since they became Squirrel candy. *0__o....about time for a population crash if you ask me.
  • That last one is my favorite, but they're all lovely shots. I don't think I've seen parrot tulips before now. *smile* They've got a lot of character and fun little swirls to them. ^___^

    And the third photo? With the sunlight shining on it making shadows, it looks like something is waiting inside the tulip to take a bite out of anything that falls in. *laugh* Like a tulip monster. XD
    • These types of tulips eitiher turn people off or enchant them with their quirks ...or so I think. I find their lack of uniformity fun :)

      have you ever seen or heard of Little Shop of Horrors? It's a Broadway play where a plant in a floral shop starts talking and demands to be fed....meat. IN the end Audrey (that's it's name) has grown enormous and is eating people and howling *FEED ME* to it's owner...

      ...looks very much like the first picture XD
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