Ribbon grass planted. Check.

Ribbon grass planted. Check.

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Feel good about today ~ another few things ticked off the list, including taking the discarded contents of the china cupboard to the charity store AND more importantly ....weeded the side yard (only about a metre wide and length of the house)....then digging up some ribbon grass clumps from a neighbours' yard and transplanting them.

Hopefully they'll take hold and prosper in this neglected area, so my neighbours will have lovely clumps of ornamental grass to enjoy and not worry about stepping on when they get out of their cars, as this ugly strip is alongside their driveway.

The Rose of Sharons I started from seeds years ago are doing just fine (had to cut them down to size again..meaning keeping them at 6')...but the ground underneath has been problematic and I always feel sorry for the eyesore that doesn't like to grow grass. This hardy ground cover should be prolific in the poor soil and put up with much abuse...heaven knows I haven't been able to kill it in the backyard in spite of my abuse of it.

Not that I've tried to kill it...I LIKE it a lot. It's MY kind of perennial...hardy as heck. I just ignore it except for a good spring raking to get rid of the dead leaves.

IN FACT it's the reason my neighbour across the way asked me to take AS MUCH AS I WANTED because she finds it maddeningly invasive and rues the day she stuck it in the ground.


20 clumps heeled in ~ go crazy boys!!
  • *grin* I had to google images of ribbon grass, but as soon as I saw it, I recognized it. So I knew what it was, I just didn't know the name of it. Yay for more progress on your yard! And you get something you want, while your neighbor gets to get rid of something they don't want, all at the same time. That's an awesome deal. ^__^

    As for my plant experiences, I have a lovely philodendron [it's either a philodendron or a pothos, I can never tell the difference] doing well in my office space (I've put it near the window so it does get some natural sunlight as well as the fluorescent lights) and an amazing "Firesticks" cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli 'Rosea') at home. That's about it. ^___^ But I'm starting small so that I don't get a whole bunch of dead plants around, I have a terrible time keeping up with them. That's why I pick very low maintenance plants.
    • I used to indoor and outdoor garden like mad, but time and interest is limited by family and life so I've basically gotten rid of all but one indoor plan (that seems to tolerate being in the middle of a room and is patient about the *watering* thing.

      Outside....I have zero patience for fussy things that need to be babied. The vegetables aside, if it can't put up with our winters and needs constant watering during our summers it can just die and I'll replace it with something that is more adaptable. I mulch and feed with organic matter and do basic maintenance but I will not be a servent to the garden. My neighbours have started to follow my lead on the hardy perrenials ~ if it can grow in my garden it can grow anywhere in the neighbourhood ;)
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