Did someone mention purple?

Did someone mention purple?

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This flowering onion is one of several bulbs I planned last autumn and totally forgot what they were 'til the buds were about to pop. At some point I'd ruled out tulips due to the leaf shape, but exactly what remained a mystery until I happened to notice an earlier blooming clump in a neighbours garden.

ANYway I was messing around with both a white and black background against which to shoot them and each having unique strengths.

In RL I've taped the ridiculous amount of woodwork for that small room and have now applied the first coat of primer. I've forced the teens to make an colour choice and will be picking it up when I go back to the hardware store for more primer. It would appear that this blotchy old drywall is a real colour-sucker-upper. I might have to do a full three coats of primer before I'm happy with the results...and then start on the various shades of purple I'll be applying.

Speaking of purple....

  • You know, I think I like the one of the stem in the vase the best. I don't know why. It's very stark, yet.... I like it.
    • I can't seem to find it right now, but I have a really cool one of a stem in a vase that I like so much I printed it up and framed it >D

      Stark and very modern...and um...suffice it to say that Yes...I know what you are trying to say but can't find the words for either but I don't always take a picture of what the rest of the people would take a picture of. :)
  • Pretty pictures! That's such an interesting flower. O.O
    • Like a madly overgrown chive ...it's the alien in my garden :)
  • Cool shadows, looks great!

    And I LOVE purple... ;-)
  • That last picture of the flower against the black backdrop is just stunning. But then I'm a sucker for anything purple and black :)

    How many shades of purple are you going to get?
    • How many shades of purple are you going to get?

      *finally working my way through comments*

      2 shades of purple.

      The room is a small rectangle. One long wall (with a closet door)will be white. the end walls (window and door) will be light purple and the other long wall will be a deep purple. I can't begin to describe the shades so I'll just take pix of the final product...and I'm sure I'll be SICK of purple by then >D
  • These are lovely pictures, but I think my absolute favorites are the ones on the white background with the shadow included. It's awesome, the contrast between flower and shadow. I just really like the shapes and then seeing the vibrant purple up against the black shadow. It's really cool. ^__^
    • Thank-you. You'll find that shadows and reflections are something I tend to lean toward as subject matter when aiming my camera at dolls ;)
  • I like the 4th pic from the top. The contrast between white, purple, and black makes a nice balance.

    This is an onion? 0_o
    • Oh yes....that is VERY art-like I think.

      AND yes this is an onion...but not the eating kind. Although yes you can eat it if you had to just like you could eat tulip bulbs if you were starving (as the Dutch did in WW2) but...these bulbs don't get very big and are not cultivated for eating but rather the size of their blossom.

  • I love a good Pira flower spam post! Not that your dolls aren't adorable, too, but I do love your nature pictures the most. My favorite is the last one. Thanks!!
    • I know I must drive you guys crazy cakes with all my dolly pix but I do try to make sure I'm keeping up with the florals and other non dolly art piccies...

      Expect lots in July when I get back from Vancouver. While I will be helping my friends there will be down time as we scoot out for a bit of roaming and sushi....
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