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Did someone mention purple?

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This flowering onion is one of several bulbs I planned last autumn and totally forgot what they were 'til the buds were about to pop. At some point I'd ruled out tulips due to the leaf shape, but exactly what remained a mystery until I happened to notice an earlier blooming clump in a neighbours garden.

ANYway I was messing around with both a white and black background against which to shoot them and each having unique strengths.

In RL I've taped the ridiculous amount of woodwork for that small room and have now applied the first coat of primer. I've forced the teens to make an colour choice and will be picking it up when I go back to the hardware store for more primer. It would appear that this blotchy old drywall is a real colour-sucker-upper. I might have to do a full three coats of primer before I'm happy with the results...and then start on the various shades of purple I'll be applying.

Speaking of purple....

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