Cause it's mine...

Cause it's mine...

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Can someone please explain to me what is with the obsession with Dolly-people plastering their internet handle on the photos of their resin babies?

While I sort of get the idea of having the watermark on the side of the image, those who drop it directly in the centre of the photo strike me as uniquely paranoid.

*flaps hand in a bored manner*

You don't need to preach to an artist about wild an wooly world of cyber art theft ~ I leave that to the copyright lawyers and professional wankers & hand-wringers to hash out ~ but seriously....

Unless you are aiming to make a profit from the image I don't understand this need to shite in the middle of a beautiful image that they have taken agonizing pains to pull the elements together, compose, photograph and tweak to perfection.

Doing that makes it FUGLY. WHY are you bothering to share?

If you are afraid of it getting stolen post it in such a fashion that it can't be copied, is at a really low resolution or don't post it at all.

In other words: People get over yourselves.
  • They obviously stick in the middle of the image so you can just remove it. (Scanlation and sometimes raw manga images anyone?). But it does strike me as paranoia to the extreme. What are folks going to do? Print up t-shirts with their dolls on them? (uh-oh did I give someone an idea?) ^__^
    • OMG I was thinking of the scanilation thing too....because you know they weren't stealing from the mangaka in the first place by scanliating the image in the first place and sharing it online. HEAVEN FORBID that someone STEALS THEIR PRECIOUS THEIVING THUNDER!


      Well it's all very funny because there is MAD WANKAGE about some German Artist (a BIG name artist) who has been stealing doll images and such and cyber collaging them into prints and making HUGE bucks in galleries and stuff from exactly this. She's just been outed and the doll manufacturers are after her ass an she's currently going to be publically embarrased in a way that is worse than what happened to Youka Nitta ...who did what I consider a MINOR transgression compared to what this chick did...

      ANYway I think that people need to enjoy their hobby for heavens sake, and stop worrying that they are so good at it that people are going to steal their precious images and rob them of ego brushing or some kind of profit.

      I really think it's a case of Doll people being very jealous of their dolls and creative concepts and not wanting anyone else to take credit for their earth shattering brilliance.

      • Oooh, do tell! Which artist was it?
        • HERE is the DoA discussion ....

          *looks at the responses*....over 800 in a week. Busy little dolly people aren's they?

          Anyway...some people have done great analysis of the artists work and have comparison links in the first post....stunning story. Still...it's now worthy of the watermark madness that existed WELL before this think blew up all over Dollyworld. >D

          Have fun.
          • Whoah, talk about blatant theft. She wasn't even trying to hide it.
  • I've seen put their watermarks and their names on every picture they post. I understand the reasoning behind not wanting it to be stolen but... isn't the purpose to share in the first place?^^
    • I can understand putting your name (sort of)in the corner..where it doesn't totally distract from the photography. The way an artist does on a painting. No one WANTS to stare at dolls THROUGH someones name.

      Personally if they are going to do that I wish they wouldn't bother at all and keep them locked up in a safe someplace, where no one will take their precious images.

      But then no one would be able to admire their artistic magnificance.

      • *wryly*
        Even when they put it in the corner, it's sometimes so big that it takes the entire corner of the pic with it. Which begs the question of why to bother posting 'em in the first place.
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