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Can someone please explain to me what is with the obsession with Dolly-people plastering their internet handle on the photos of their resin babies?

While I sort of get the idea of having the watermark on the side of the image, those who drop it directly in the centre of the photo strike me as uniquely paranoid.

*flaps hand in a bored manner*

You don't need to preach to an artist about wild an wooly world of cyber art theft ~ I leave that to the copyright lawyers and professional wankers & hand-wringers to hash out ~ but seriously....

Unless you are aiming to make a profit from the image I don't understand this need to shite in the middle of a beautiful image that they have taken agonizing pains to pull the elements together, compose, photograph and tweak to perfection.

Doing that makes it FUGLY. WHY are you bothering to share?

If you are afraid of it getting stolen post it in such a fashion that it can't be copied, is at a really low resolution or don't post it at all.

In other words: People get over yourselves.
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