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Blue boy 1

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Yesterday I brushed another coat of white paint on the walls of the little room and had to stop due to a hand cramp. I suppose this wouldn't be such a problem if I wasn't one of those freaks that doesn't like to use a roller because it misses too many spots on these old wonky, rough walls. Today I think I'll be able to add colour to one wall but need to give three others another coat of white.

F**K! ~ I am really peeved that animals are eating my pumpkin seedlings and/or seeds. They have chewed up all the seeds and/or seedlings of the fairytale pumpkin sprouts twice, so today I'm replanting, but putting cages (strawberry baskets) on them so they can't easily dig them up or gnaw on them....or so the theory goes.

I also have chives and rhubarb that my mother brought me the other day, to plant. Before I moved here 12 years ago, I dug out pieces of plants from my old garden and given them to her to plunk into hers so that one day I could get a piece back. Today the offspring of my old plants go in...and it's funny.

All I asked for was a rhubarb plant ~ and she arrived with POUNDS of rhubarb to. The irony is that the locally grown food co-op started up this week and I had an order in for...you guessed it...rhubarb.

I am cleaning, chopping and freezing scads of it today.

I also started another thing on THE LIST...that being, giving my Resinsoul Blue boys face-ups. I finished Turq this morning :)

Having wired his body I am really happy with his ability to hold limited poses and stand like a rock. Sora and Mizu are DEFINATELY getting wired!! I think I might do that for SU too now that I think of it.

ANYway...I hope to get Turqs' little brother Lapis done today.

I was fumbling around for clothing for the boy and I realized that the hakama outfit I'd picked up for Dude (but totally doesn't suit him) might work and I think...we've found our *look* ;)

  • *grins mischievously*
    Is Kabuki actor the look you're going for?^_~
    • Not orginially...buy you know these dolls...and how they have their own minds when it comes to what to wear and he really likes that wig. I can't seem to convince him otherwise *face palm*
  • A big fat fake sheepskin roller would work on the rough walls. But the texture of rolled paint is incredibly different from brushed paint, the difference between cardboard and silk.

    I have been unable to grow anything on my balcony due to critters eating the seeds. I moved a pot of catnip seedlings (REALLY hard to sprout) to my place in Berkeley, believing I had outsmarted the rodents. I discovered a neighborhood cat asleep in the pot the next day. Woe!
    • *nods*....I've used rollers on these things and while they work to cover large areas I'm kind of anal about the entire exercise and as you'd know with the Berkeley house....wood work and crazy ceilings that dippity do in odd angles in corners are impossible to deal when rolling ~ so me and my sponge brushes play for hours. I prefer them to bristle brushes for personal preference...because I hate cleaning brushes endlessly. I tend to work the sponge (and that lovely wedge tip) till it's ready to toss and grab another out of the bag ;)

      As for the catnip....*cough*.....ever wonder how much the universe is just sitting back and enjoying itself at your expense? THAT is brilliant!!!
  • That red hair is like... whoa! XD

    This year I just threw my hands up at planting a garden. The bind weeds win. After FH rototilled the whole thing for me earlier this spring the weeds took over and it's covered in it. Got some major industrial strength weed killer from my farmer friend's husband, it's stuff you have to have a license to buy it's so strong and... we've had rain every afternoon so I can't use it yet. After it gets sprayed on it can't be rained on for at least 24 hours. *sighs*

    We're going to get some tomato plants tomorrow since those will go into my tires outside the weed-infested garden. At least I'll get that going.

    Your best bet with whatever's eating your seeds is to sink the cage well into the ground so they'll really have to dig in order to get under it. That's what I had to do around the perimeter of my garden to keep the baby prairie dogs and baby bunnies out. Well, that and use metal screen over that because they were so small they just waltzed through the fencing like it wasn't even there :p
    • He was actually supposed to have black hair.....long story, suffice it to say the red fits and he likes (you're used to that by now...the fact that doll people hear resin voices)....but I have some teal mohair with his name on it and I'm going to make him a wig that is a little less like a house on fire and see how it goes. (project for July/August)

      As for your garden ~ @_@!!

      Definately sounds like time for container gardening. Really sounds like Mother Nature does not want you to garden. :(

      I've done that with the two Fairytale pumpkin seedlings and will probably poked a few more seeds in to hedge my bets in case they take a liking to this pair when I remove the little cages. Once they get to a certain size they lose interst due to bitterness in the leaves. I will also have to make metal screens to cover my garbage cans as the squirrels consider it their own private buffet and have eaten the lids to get through.

      LOL ...and yes...rabbit wire is our friend :3
  • *smile* Hello! I have time to catch up on my comments today, so you might be getting a few. ^____^

    I am instantly struck with a sense of wildness trying to be contained when I look at the last few pictures of Turq. *laugh* I think it's all that hair! He looks great, you did a fabulous job on the eyebrows. (I always think that the eyebrows would be the hardest thing to do... but I've never tried to do a face up before, so the entire thing would be hard for me to do. XD)

    I am always amused to read your adventures in gardening. *smile* I don't garden... well, Mom is trying to grow some tomato plants in those upside down hanging containers, and the plants just bent and started growing upwards towards the sun anyway, even though the roots and the dirt holding them are higher than the plant right now. Mom just shakes her head at them every time she walks by. ^___^
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