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Blue boy 1

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Yesterday I brushed another coat of white paint on the walls of the little room and had to stop due to a hand cramp. I suppose this wouldn't be such a problem if I wasn't one of those freaks that doesn't like to use a roller because it misses too many spots on these old wonky, rough walls. Today I think I'll be able to add colour to one wall but need to give three others another coat of white.

F**K! ~ I am really peeved that animals are eating my pumpkin seedlings and/or seeds. They have chewed up all the seeds and/or seedlings of the fairytale pumpkin sprouts twice, so today I'm replanting, but putting cages (strawberry baskets) on them so they can't easily dig them up or gnaw on them....or so the theory goes.

I also have chives and rhubarb that my mother brought me the other day, to plant. Before I moved here 12 years ago, I dug out pieces of plants from my old garden and given them to her to plunk into hers so that one day I could get a piece back. Today the offspring of my old plants go in...and it's funny.

All I asked for was a rhubarb plant ~ and she arrived with POUNDS of rhubarb to. The irony is that the locally grown food co-op started up this week and I had an order in for...you guessed it...rhubarb.

I am cleaning, chopping and freezing scads of it today.

I also started another thing on THE LIST...that being, giving my Resinsoul Blue boys face-ups. I finished Turq this morning :)

Having wired his body I am really happy with his ability to hold limited poses and stand like a rock. Sora and Mizu are DEFINATELY getting wired!! I think I might do that for SU too now that I think of it.

ANYway...I hope to get Turqs' little brother Lapis done today.

I was fumbling around for clothing for the boy and I realized that the hakama outfit I'd picked up for Dude (but totally doesn't suit him) might work and I think...we've found our *look* ;)

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