The other blues brother....

The other blues brother....

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Another coat of paint on the walls meant...I had time to do up Lapis' face. :)

He's 15 cm tall by the way, 4 cm taller than a puki for anyone who is interested.
  • So how many Blues Brothers are there?^_^
    • Just the 2....and their sister Azul.

      ...and I just painted a white BBB blue today XD
  • He's so cute!! I like him. I think he's very similar to the BBB Elfkin, right? Maybe the ears are a tiny bit different. Did you paint the ears as well? Or is that some interesting effect from the shadows?

    ...I need to stay away from the tinies. Oh, please let me stay away from the tinies. I so do not need to fall in love with multiple wee cute things. LOL
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