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Now that the face-ups on the little RS blue boys are done, I can turn my attention to Sora ~ Resinsoul Mei

No...you are not looking at Dr. Manhatten Jr. XD Her name is taken from the following:

空 Kū or sora, most often translated as "Void", but also meaning "sky" or "Heaven", represents those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. Bodily, kū represents spirit, thought, and creative energy. It represents our ability to think and to communicate, as well as our creativity. It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.

When I return from Vancouver in July, I'll hopefully be able to finish her up and then get started on her brother Mizu/RS JUN (the water element). I'd been itching to get at this girl though and at least give her a face and re-attach it to the body (after 4 months on my desk). I will continue to work on the colouring of her face/head and body as I move forward with this project and decide if she needs a wig or just to go with a patterned scalp.

Thanks for looking.
  • Wow! When you go to ton on a project, you really go to town on it. I like the look you've got going on here and she's got a lovely face-up. I can't wait to see what you do with Mizu when you get back.
    • Thank-you :)

      Oh there is a long way to go and I have to decide what colour elements to pull into this now...different shades of blue to purple and a hint of black or ....what?

      No rush. I wing all of this....fly by the seat of my pants and make it up as I go along to suit my mood. I'll have to unstring Mizu to do the paint work though...that much I've learned while working on Sora.


      Tomorrow another coat of paint in the bedroom and I have other house projects to work on and will have to let the girl sit for a while.
      • I wouldn't even know where to start on such a thing. Although, I'm thinking I might need to do something for Kijika's one leg. The knee refuses to stay locked and that's just annoying as hell.

        I'd also like to know why he does this... magical girl thing with his legs when I sit him. You know the pose. Thighs together and then splayed legs from the knee down. Can't figure out why his legs are doing that.

        I was going to ask why you didn't go for the blue resin right off the bat if she was going to be blue, but you sorta answered my question with the mention of other colours.
        • Regarding Kijika's leg...you could either suede it or run some electrical wire up from one foot and back down the other leg ~ that will stiffen them both up and keep those knees from buckling.

          I did that with this girl and the little RS blue boys and omg...why I didn't do it sooner is anyones guess. ROCK baby. They stand like little soldiers till I move them.

          The *girl* thing with the legs is probably the design of his hips and the way the joints react in certain positions. My Sora here can't sit worth a damn unless her legs are splayed outward at the knees. I've given up and just let her look cute.

          As for the white resin instead of blue ~ I am using my MSD RS/BBBs as blank canvases to go nuts on. I am going to learn to paint and play on the basic white and hone my technique (hah...what technique) and get comfortable working on them before I tackle Hazy. She's going to get a Yakuza body suit/ tattoo on her back

          Originally Sora was going to be very black and white but once I nixed her sister (the sky element) I decided that I would play more with the blue colours...I'll probably add black in there too though.

          Blue resin, by the way, is a pain to paint on...totally different canvas and colours react differently. Pink become mauve and some colours are totally lost while others look ugly.

          *sighs*...okay off to wake the sleeping puppy and get him ready for school.

          • The wiring might be the way to go with regards to him. He's a little tricky to balance to get to stand but one he is standing, he's usually good. If it really continues to bug me, I may buck up the courage and give the wiring a go.

            I had the sneaking suspicion that it was the joint design that makes him do the leg splay bit it's nice to have it confirmed (more or less). Even though he's made by the same company as Moswen and Jaiseki, the way the body is put together is very different. That's fine as technically, Kijika is a different species. It just takes a little getting used to when I have double joints in my MSD's and my SD doesn't (in the knees at least). He's also only got the hip joint where Moswen and Jaiseki have a hip and upper chest joint. But the body is just right for the look of Kijika as a character so I can't complain.

            See, I hadn't thought of the colour change element for the blue resin. Mostly because I don't do anything like that. If you don't mind me asking, how are you going to protect your paint job when you're done? Is just a few good coats of Mr. Super Clear gonna do it? I know I have to be careful with Moswen's body-up to keep from scratching/rubbing off his striping.
            • Wiring my guys was simple because the elastic is rather loose (you can't tighten it enough really)...so I just estimated the length of wire (or pipe cleaner depending on the doll) and shoved it though...just pulled the waist joint upward to see down into the legs. A pair of needle nose plyers helped pull the wire through at the joints. Quite simple.

              not all sculpts are like this...my little RS kids sit with their knees and ankles together...but their older siblings not so well....there must be something in the angle of the pelvis and hip sockets that causes this.

              I really don't like the solid chest without that joint there. My LatiRed (Kai) is like that and making him sit is a real pain. If he wasn't so darned pretty I'd be tempted to be rid of him.

              HAH...funny you should ask about the protecting the paint job, as I was about to talk about MSC. I don't worry too much about it and each layer of colour is another layer or MSC. ANY place with a joint is going to wear no matter what I put on it so I'm not going to sweat it....these are just for fun and I have to devise a costume that will then cover the ...problematic spots ;)

              I can also just touch her up since I did the work myself...and when I get bored I'll just scrub her down and do something else.

              SPEAKING of scrubbing...these guys arrived in the winter and had not been sprayed yet. Sora was clothed and in a dark corner but Mizu was on my desk in a chair. OMG he's yellowed SO much.

              I don't care since I'll be going to town on his body with fish scales and thank goodness I love him to bits and don't have to worry about ever selling him but HOLY HANNAH that is fast. I know white is a problem but WOW.

              I now have to add that to my list of TO DOs in the next while...spray all my new comers from last winter. Thank goodness the rest of my pack have been fully clothed and in the darkest room *0__0!!!

              • Wow! That is wicked fast to yellow. Is it an even yellowing or just the front of the doll that was facing the light source?

                When I'm not actively playing/posing my dolls, they're in their boxes (so no light gets at them period). With Moswen, since he's tanned to start with, I wouldn't notice anything unless he turned green or something *knocks on wood*. My other 2 boys are normal-y so yellowing wouldn't be very obvious (I'd think) until it got really deep.

                Kijika is strung fairly tight so I think I'd need to partially unstring him to do the wiring. Not a big deal, but it also doesn't bug me enough at this point to do it. Once he's standing, the knee is fine (it stays straight). It just like to bend when he's sitting or when I'm holding him *shrugs*. I consider it a dolly quirk *grins*.
                • Oh it's any part that was exposed to a light source so totally uneven.

                  He was sitting with a wig on in a chair and his legs folded to the side so parts of his legs are yellowed while the rest not so much and his back not at all...

                  Meh..whatever. He's going to get some seriously rainbow fish happening on his body and face so I'm not preturbed more than interested AND the face remains that it IS a lesson of sorts. Thankfully not one that makes me weep.

                  I can't keep my guys in boxes. I just can't do it ....I'm definately an *out of sight out of mind* kind of person and if I kept mine in boxes then I'd never play with them. Of course if I had a $1000 Volks I'd probably be singing a different tune ...*snort*


                  *jots down Azul's name on to a list*

                  I forgot...I haven't coated her either. Her brothers are safe now but I need to make sure she gets a good spriting too. Good gods...5 dolls to spray. THIS is why I imported sevreal cans of MSC >D
                  • That would be tear worthy if you'd planned for him to be white. Thankfully you have a different situation going on. I think I might just pop a quick email to Lilly to let her know about the fast yellowing as she has a white Mei and she intends for her to stay white (or as white as possible).

                    I have to keep mine in their boxes. I don't have the space to display them where they'd be safe from Kizmet (my idiot cat) and far enough away from the Hubby so he doesn't fear them attacking him in his sleep *snicker*.

                    Wow! 5 dolls to spray. That'll keep you busy (and mildly stoned?) for a little while. And you've got to do some serious painting of some of those dolls on top of that, too.
                    • OMG ...I totally forgot about Lilly's white girl. Yes please do let her know about that asap. MSC seems to work well as my girl SU is just fine and she's older than MIZU.

                      White is notorioius though, for yellowing so one can't be too careful if you want to keep them snowy perfect...and that would be THE reason to keep them in boxes.

                      As for not displaying yours...ahhhh cats. Yep that makes sense. I don't have to worry since all I have at the moment is a turtle.

                      Heh....I have put a dolls' bed into my bedroom...I wonder if my hubber would comment if I put anyone in it? >D

                      The reason that they are not all sprayed is that I was waiting on non-frigid / non rainy weather. I just forgot that I also have to do this before it becomes hot and humid *erk*....So I spray them outside and then bring them in to dry and repeat....
                      • I doubt Lilly has Rowan in direct sunlight, but I doubt you had Mizu in direct sunlight either. I've sent her an email to let her know about what happened with your boy though. Better safe than sorry, right?

                        For the most part, Kizmet doesn't do anything with my dolls, but all it would take is that one time where he decides to chew on a wig or jump onto a shelf and knock everything helter-skelter. He already jumps onto the top of the bookcase I have my figurines displayed on (despite there being no room for him to squish his fat butt up there). A plastic figurine falling a couple of feet the floor... annoying but not serious. A doll falling a few feet to the hard wood floor... it might be kitty killing time. And closing the door to the bedroom (assuming Hubby could live with the dolls out like that *snicker*) wouldn't be an option as he hates closed doors and will try for hours to get it open (banging it against the jamb and creating a god-awful racket).
                        • Mine was on my desk which is by a window that faces north...it gets light but no direct light and he was set at least a metre back from the window and ...well anyway yeah interesting what sun's rays can do.

                          I've maintained for years now, that ozone layer over Ontario (if not Canada) is thing. VERY thin. My glasses (which darken when exposed to UV rays) are black when I step outside on a sunny day....they should only really go dark grey, not pitch.

                          ....some will say, but...they are supposed to get dark. Okay..so tell me why the same glasses on a FULL SUNNY DAY in Tokyo only go grey?

                          We are so screwed. It's why I only go for walks wearing a brimmed hat, sunscreen and/or an umbrella on a sunny day.

                          ANYway yeah, Lilly probably isn't being dumb with her resin baby but better safely warned than sorry.

                          Oh lordy just the thought of your kitty inadvertantly knocking the boys down and losing a finger in the process @__@!!

                          HAH.... you cat is classic *if there is a door closed there must be something I'm missing on the other side* kinda feline >D

                          My hubber is resigned. But then he is not bothered by dolls. Bugs and mice are another thing....remind me to relate to you the story about the cat, the mouse and the silly man when we meet. It's a good *stupid husband* story.

                          last night my daughter (middling one) pulled an all nighter and told me in the morning that a mouse ran over her foot after getting frustrated that I'd locked up all the nibblies they like. I nodded and continued to sip my coffee....telling her not to mention it to dad since he hates mice.

                          She told her father a few hours later and he visibly cringe and said he's scream if he saw it. The man is 6' & 265Ibs. It brings to mind the old Looney Toons cartoon with the elephant up on a chair being hassled by a rude mouse XD
                          • Oh that's good. I've had rats as pets and Hubby was kinda resigned to them. He didn't like it when they'd come over to him to see what he as eating/drinking or when they'd decide he absolutely had to do something with his hair and they were going to help. Mice are olay but not nearly as fun as rats. Of course, wild mice/rats aren't the greatest to have invading your house.

                            It's funny what you think isn't much exposure turns out to be more than enough. As you said though, lesson learned. And no, I wouldn't want any avoidble accidents to happen. It's bad enough that when I forget to put the lid back on Kijika's box when I take him out, Kizmet jumps in there and claws at the foam padding. Good thing I want to make him a proper pillow at some point.
                            • or when they'd decide he absolutely had to do something with his hair and they were going to help

                              BWAHAHAHHAHA!! Now that is cute......that is, unless you're the hubby trying hard not to scream with a rat in your hair. He'd always have an excuse for it looking like a rat's nest though ;)

                              It's the season before the plenty and the rodents are a problem outside more than inside (damned SQUIRRELS!!!

                              Heh...what is it with cats and their odd choices of scratching posts? My father's uses his leather chair, my mother's had a thing for the corners of cardboard boxes and my old girl (who is now living with my mother) decided to unravel the berber carpeting one loop at a time. @_@

                              You can probably make some really funky pillows that are along the lines of Kijika's heritage ...regally personalized and all :)
                              • I had one rat who was convinced he was an oral surgeon. he'd perch on my chest and want to look in my mouth and touch my teeth at every chance he got. Another rat simply loved to play with my hair. He never chewed it, but he'd run the strands through his hands and brux (grind his teeth, which is a sign of pleasure/happiness in rats).

                                Kizmet has a scratch post that he does use, but he seems to have fallen in love with the foam padding in Kijika's box for some reason. Moswen and Jaiseki have satin pillows that they came with. I was thinking of knitting one for Kijika because I have scads of yarn. Although, I might just end up doing a thick, fuzzy blanket.

                                I actually finished th duster for Kijika and brought him and Moswen into work today and everybody has said he looks like a prince (which he is) in it. If I can tease one more pic out of the camera (we need batteries), I'll post a shot of it.
  • Wow, so beautiful and I'm not even a fan of the blue alien look. Bet she'd look very fae-like with a wavy pearl-white wig^_^

    You're really good at this, by the way.
    • I'm going to work on getting her something pearl white. I've ordered some mohair and see what I can conjure up for her (the ears my dear friend...those darned ears) and then if that cloud of hair doesn't suit her I'll suck it up and go visit Jpopdolls.

      AND...thank-you for the compliment. I am ....best place to hone skills is on a cheaper doll I say. It is a tremendous amount of fun. What I'm wondering is how she talked me into blue when she was supposed to be in shades of blacks and greys!

      Resin voices are very contrary and opinionated ...but you'd know that ;).
      • AH, I didn't notice the ears but they might be a problem for wigs^^

        Blacks and greys? Now that's intriguing^_^
  • Wow. WOW. She looks so stunning!! And yet, she looks completely different from my Mei. That's fascinating, how two of the exact same dolls can look so different. *smile*

    I can not wait to see how the final project looks. Reading through the comments, it sounds like you've still got quite a bit of work left for her. I think different color palettes on her will look amazing!! *grin* You're very artistic. If you go with the wig - she's going to need a wig cap. *sigh* I can not get that wig to stay on for longer than a few minutes for Rowan. Or maybe she's trying to tell me that she wants her permanent wig now. I keep saying "it's on order" but apparently... she's impatient. XD

    I'm also looking forward to seeing how Mizu comes out. He's so fascinating, especially the ears and the face. Oh, by the way, thanks for the heads up on the yellowing issue. I haven't had Rowan in the sun yet, but I'll be sure to keep her away from windows and such too when I'm not playing with her. ^____^

    (Any way I could request a quick picture of Mizu, to see what the yellowing looks like? That's if you're not too busy getting ready for your trip, I know it's soon.)
    • Now I was really interested in what you'd have to say, considering that you have the same sculpt. Oh yeah...Mei is an amazing little critter who can be transformed in a blink to just about anything you want ...SO verstile.

      I am really going to enjoy doing up Mizu (jun) now that I've gotten over my terror of working on the body.

      Oh the wig cap...LOL. Might I suggest a silicon one. It doesn't seem to react in any way with the resin (do NOT use them on a LaTidoll though because they react badly with the top coating on the face up) ....I use elastics on both my Latiboys now.

      ANYway yes..the silicon works so nicely as you can trim it to fit perfectly. All my dolls but the latis and puki have them.

      When not playing with Rowan just keep a nice little blanket/cloth close by that you can cover her. I had one over Mei's body and it worked fine....

      I will take a picture tomorrow I hope ( it's on my list)

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