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V-Minus 7 days

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Today started off with the usual run around for the groceries and a stop at the post office. Then it was off to the fabric store with the eldest to let her root around for fabric and notions as she's about to embark on her first sewing project. My father gave her his mother's old Elna sewing machine and she's quite pumped about it all. :)

Upon our return I removed the wooden *mold* from the concrete my father and I poured last week, and the step seems to be good :)

I also planted another row of carrots, re-planted some pumpkin & yellow zucchini seeds (and caged them in ) and ....put the final coat of light purple paint on the end walls.

Tomorrow, after kaffeklatch, I will remove the tape...see what bits need to be fixed and proceed with the long wall that will be dark purple. I see 6 layers of aubergine in my future... I will have to do this painting without tape at the ends since I don't trust myself not to screw up the yet *uncured* paint/

The weather has been changable & it's almost autumnlike around here with the temperature barely making it to 18C during the day, if at all. When I say *changeable*, I mean that the yo-yo-ing of the atmospheric pressure, as the weather systems swan through the area alternating overcast and drizzly with sunshine and wind. It's been playing havoc with my grey-matter and I can't recall the last time I've suffered sick-headaches. Head aches yes. Head aches that go on for days sure. But waves of cold and nausea are really annoying the piss out of me.

I hope this isn't another little change in life. I've only ever had one migraine and don't want to EVER repeat it!

I sure hope it calms down for tomorrow. I'm face painting at my son's school, Fun Fair for a couple of hours in the evening and while I know I'm in for a long time in that chair...I know full well it CAN feel longer *erk*

Okay...it's Tuesday night and time for myself,the eldest and her friends to settle down for an hour of complete silly fluff, a.k.a.: a new episode of Canada's Nest Top Model. >D
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