Getting my goat

Getting my goat

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Resinsoul has come out with a large doll that has the ears and removable horns of a dall sheep.

Now a much more expensive doll company, Soom, which produces monthly limiteds has done a theme with hooved and horned doll people in the past and there is a minor fluff-up in some forums about RS copying Soom....because as we all know, themes are exclusive.

Only ONE company has the right to make elves and only ONE company has the right to make vampires and only ONE company can make....

The point is, no one on the planet is going to mistake a $1200 US doll for a $200 one. Just the existence of animal horns does not mean copying and the fact that this doesn't even begin to resemble the expensive doll remotely (no hooves, no elf ears), so tossing around accusations of plagerism is rather simple minded. I don't see anyone screaming angrily at Souldoll for creating a centaur when Domadoll has offered ones for years.

As a matter of fact, there are companies that have been offering magnetic demon/goat/pan horns that you can attach to ANY doll for ages. I find this to be ridiculous to think that one company invented the concept.

What Resinsoul did was sculpt their own version of horns and married it with a head with PAN ears which IS unusual. I rather like the ears but have no interest in either the horns nor the doll.....but I still am annoyed with the way some people are ready to cry copyright theft so fast. Horns are quickly moving into the same area that detachable cat ears are in DOLLYworld..hardly uncommon.

What IS uncommon about cat ears...is when they occur on dolls like my Willow and her brother Kutla...because Dollzone did something OTHERS hadn't (and still haven't) and that is ~ remove the human ears. Ironically 99% of the people that see them don't realize how unusual they are until I pull back the hair to reveal....nothing at all. XD...

ANYway..yep it's all a lot of self-righteous bleating in Dollyworld. Same old, same old. ;)
  • I love the look of the horns on the new RS doll. I think the faun ears are cute as heck, too. Not keen on the doll's face though. If I ever had the cash to get Ryzel in dolly form, he'd need a pair of horns like on this new RS doll as he's an incubus and that's how I've written him.

    But I completely agree with you. You can't copyright a theme. That's stupid. Suggesting that RS has violated copyright by bringing out their own version of a horned doll is... I have no words. And if you were to follow in that vein, couldn't you claim that any company that offers dolls in any funky colours would be violating RS/BBB copyright as they're known for the greens and blues and reds, etc of their dolls.

    I love the fact that your Willow and Kutla have only the cat ears. If I were to get a cat-boy/girl, that's what I'd want as I always though the double set of ears is weird.

    And those centaur from Douma are adorable and the horse body is better done in my opinion than Souldoll's. I love that the tail is real hair not resin and that there is girth to the horse torso unlike the Souldoll one that looks... emaciated.
    • Some of their faces appeal to me, others don't but I'm with you on the ears and horns that they'd make for a neat doll but this one isn't for me.

      There seems to be an ongoing idea in the doll world that strikes me as somewhat confused ~ everyone happily clamours for certain themes (vamps, goths, victoriana, lolita, etc.) but when you add an element to the mix that has been very hyped up by one doll seller (or made popular because of a particular sculpt) it's suddenly not a nice thing to steal an idea when that is pretty well what the hobby is about and makes the whole thing run like a well oiled machine.

      Do we even want to go in the direction of minimee sculpts of copyrighted characters?

      As for cat-people having on a single set of ears....I'm glad to find someone else that thinks the 4 eared look is just plain weird. What I found odd was how so many people disliked these heads BECAUSE they had only one set of ears. *0__o??

      Domadoll centaurs are so sweet and I agree...they look like they have some place to put internal organs and LOVE the fact that they have a furry tail XD
      • No, this doll isn't for me either.

        I don't get this idea of theme theft. So you came up with a doll that has horns. Big honking deal. Like there aren't people out there who've made their own horns out of all manner of material. Are they thieves as well?

        people disliked the sculpts because they only had the one set of ears? o.0 Now that's just weird. Seriously. One of the reasons that I'd never add cat ears to a regular sculpt is because it looks completely bizarre to me to see 4 ears. Like in the Loveless anime/manga. I always thought that was weird as hell.

        The domadoll centaurs are just so darn cute. Dunno if I'd buy one as I've got nothing for him/her and I need that for my dolls.
        • LOL at the Loveless comment. There is a lot weird about Loveless and the 2 sets of ears is only the tip of the iceburg >D

          Tam would pinch me of course....I do adore the artwork but gah...that is one twisted little universe of story telling going on there.

          I LOVE catboys...and have a nice collection of manga featuring them and the favorites are ones where the mangaka has decided to avoid the duo ear thing altogether and just give the character a mop of hair that leave you guessing or at the very least...not disturbed by 4 ears :P

          I have had a domadoll centaur on my wish list for a looong time but just can't figure out what to do with it. ...which is why I don't have one. But of course...following that logic, why do I have any of my resin army. *face palm*
          • I like the Jado one. The price freaking hurts my wallet something fierce. And like you, so very cute, but what the hell would I do with it? I mean, aside from cart it all over the place because it's cute.

            Annnnd I've officially used up my allotment for the word cute for the rest of the month.

            I've also given Lilly the link to domadoll. *Muwahahahahaha* I am the evil enabler.

            In all honesty, for that kind of money, I'd get either Quin or Ryzel (Buddy-doll Mars Tough & Iplehouse Akando, respectively) as that's more or less what they go for each and they're 70cm boys.
            • ROFLMAO

              JADO has been on my list FOREVER and yes...the price. THE PRICE! These are NOT big dolls...that price for something marginally bigger than a puki...um...yeah....ouch.

              But there it sits at the top of my wish list. Because you know I need another doll and we ARE talking about 4 legs (and 2 human ones I think)...

              YOU are definately evil >D

              *Kettle waves to the pot*

              Speaking of what you could get for that price...I came to a sudden realization the other day. I have no interest in another SD boy. Kulta is perfect. He will be with me for a very long time. Kai and I are still working on the bonding thing....but oddly enough my girls (and I mean the teenagers) really like him so okay...who am I to mess with doll acceptance?

              I have my compliment of Obitsu and 2 Elfdoll SD girls and ...that's enough.

              *makes motion of a line in the sand*

              ALL of them are ongoing projects anyway, except for Tuuli who is by defination perfect...and Kulta likes her that way :)

              Willow is my #1. I don't need another MSD girl, period.

              Oddly I don't count the RS or BBB as MSDs for some reason. They live in their own universe of creativity for me and have nothing to do with Willow or the 2 DZ boys. I doubt I will do more than 3 elements though...I've got many other irons in the fire so to speak.

              .and...I might add, I have no interst in another MSD boy either...unless DZ coughs up a Mo-catboy. THEN we might have to bend like a wet noodle...but...beyond that I don't need anything more big dudes.

              I am going to see if I can behave now....having spent all my Japan monies on dollies. I am going to just play and FINISH THESE DOLLS OFF...see if I can go half a year of just socking a bit away weekly. Maybe I'll decide that little four hoofed thing needs to come home to the elveses... >D

              • Lilly agrees with me that Jado is teh cuteness *smirk*. She also said she's on to me and my plan *innocent look*.

                The only other SD dolls I can see in my future are Quin and Ryzel. If I won the lotto and could spend just for funsies, I'd probably get the Ark doll by Unidoll just because I think he's awesome cool.

                One of the dolls that's caught my eye is the Dollmore Catish Vnu *sigh*. She would make an absolutely stunning Xinda (Moswen and Kijika's daughter). But, to do that lies madness. At some point, I'd like to get Sarojin (no sculpt has really spoken up for him yet), Jaiseki's lover. And if I get Xinda, then I'd eventually need to get her lover Chane. And... yeah, massive dolly population explosion.

                There's also the fact that I don't like the body that comes with Vnu. VERY immature. I've seen bigger boobage on SD male dolls and that won't do as Xinda has noticeable boobs. Yeah, Epoxy can be your friend (and I'd need to use it on her anyway since she's hermaphroditic), but.... I really dislike the idea of trying for a resin match as I'm funny in the way that it'd need to be perfect or I'd be very unhappy.

                And OMG! A Mo-catboy would be freaking awesome. Or a Wing/Hong/Cloud. Cloud would be so fantastic as a catboy. I see him as a Siamese *nods*.
                • We are ALL enablers...passing the need for another doll around the table like a bottle of whiskey. >D

                  I'm sure there is anoter SD doll in my future and it will be another 50cm Obitsu OMG poses like no other doll...but that's when I've a whole bunch of other projects out of the way and am working the Kabuki project. Till then I'm good on the big'un side of things.

                  Catish is lovely...well named too.

                  LOL @ the massive dolly population explosion. Yeah...dolls happen. Who knew resin could breed like rabbits?

                  I don't think there is anything wrong with demanding perfection of your vision with dolls...that is the point of the exersize....to recreate in 3D what you chase around in your imagination.

                  Oh hell...if DZ came out with a Wing AND a Mo catboy I would be in some serious trouble. I like Wing well enough but have no interest in such a big boy...but as a cat...um...oh boy. A Mo-cat I'd be on so fast it would make Apis' head spin, there at Featherfall.

                  I'm not getting my hopes up though that they'll do it. *sigh*
                  • *laughs* I love that comparison. Getting drunk on the dolliness.

                    I know I could seriously make myself crazy with trying to find a suitable resin match that also had a nice body. And I don't think they sell just the head for that doll so even if I did get her, I'd have a headless body to sell and it doesn't always move at the sped of light when you try to sell something.

                    I think if there was a Cloud cat-boy, I'd make up a character just for him. He looks so slinky and sly. I bet he'd be a real little shit disturber. Wing would be much more refined, I think. A Russian Blue maybe.

                    How do they choose to do the cat-boy/girl dolls? They just pop up with them? Votes?
                    • I don't know how they chose which models to make into cats. I sort of fell into the doll thing at that point because of Willow ..but I really am hoping that they did well with their cats last year and will repeat it with different models this year because I'm CONVINCED the boy MSD cats would be an even BIGGER seller than the girls.


                      ...wishful thinking on my part.
                      • I would love to have one. Not that I could just up and fling out the cash before they'd be gone but the desire is there.

                        Ahhhh, the siren song of the dolls.
  • Well, on the one hand, you linked to some really cool pictures. I had no idea there was more than one centaur being offered... I think I like the Domadoll one better anyway. *laugh* So cute! And those attachable horns are fascinating. Then there are the people who sculpt their own horns and attach them to their dolls by hand!!

    I just bypass all the drama-type stuff. I did read up on that German artist who was profiting from other people's dolls... and that's not right. But I'm not going to enter the debate and leave myself open to having anything directed at me. *shrug* I don't think copying is really even an issue here. Just people stirring things up.

    But, then again... I've just deleted several photos from my photobucket account because I was getting hundreds of views (especially one particular palomino photo and the one of Rowan's upper body when she was halfway unwrapped) from sites like MySpace.com and horseland.com. If they want to use my bandwidth and no one even tell me that someone linked to my photo... I'll just delete it. That will make the views go back down to single or double digits. *nod*

    Uh... tangent. Yes. Back to dolly stuff. Your two cats are fine... I wonder if I could see one in person? *smile* Oh, yeah, I think you had asked about it... my trip dates are August 15 to August 22. ^_____^
    • Heh....I've spent waaaay too much time dolly grazing, and like you and Irondog, I like the domadoll pony MUCH more than that Souldoll thing.

      I refuse to buy horns because I'm convinced it's something I can do with fimo. I still have to redo Inari's fox ears and it's just a matter of trial and error. I have to blow through a lot of fimo to get to the price of a set of ears like those sold by Pipos.

      *nods*...yep about the stirring up. Some people live for that and the internet provides a great big audience/pot.

      Ah bandwidth.....it's worse when you pay for it. Then it feels like someone is stealing it from you >(

      Deleting the images is annoying but works. It's worse when people hotlink to you...the bandwidth suckage is simply amazing then.

      Oh certainly you may meet them. Let me know which ones you want to meet and I'll bring them along.

      *makes note of dates....* that is a good time of the month. :)
      • Oh certainly you may meet them. Let me know which ones you want to meet and I'll bring them along.

        Yay! Uh... I might have problems choosing!! *laugh* I think I'm in love with about 2/3rds of your dolls. XD XD XD
        • *Straggling into IJ*

          3 days before I leave and I'm staring at a list of things I have to do and trying not to panic.

          Heh...well...yeah.....um...I've been a bad girl where dolls are concerned (meaning no trips to Japan for me for a while) If you look at my DoA profile you'll see what I mean...but that does give you a good idea of what I have and whom you'd like to visit with.

          *stares at list and refuses to count...nope not going to do it*

          • You can do it! One step at a time!! *cheers you on*

            ...Should I sneak your to-do list away so it won't be stressing you as much?? *grin*

            I'll have to look at the link at home... dolly stuff at work is self-banned so I don't get myself fired! >_>... because I would totally go look, just for a minute... which turns into an hour in a snap, and then... there goes the deliverable date for the day. XD


    Meh, either way... I prefer to collect dolls with unusual ears rather than the horns stuff... Heh, I feel incredibly cheap by saying I could sculpt whatever special parts I need out of epoxy and milliput rather than go for a split...

    I'm about this close to making a resinsoul dog + human tiny head hybrid and say it's a copy of the soom babies.... bwahahaha.

    I only really want the Souldoll horse part of the centaur and attach a smaller SD sized torso to it, making it look somewhat more logical for the lithe horse body match with the human half. Chiron's torso looks WAY too manly and big for that horso...

    Still, I do sort of agree with the fact that Dan looks like the inbred offspring of Amber and Sard... Not pretty face wise...

    I do however want a pair of blue resin horns for teh lulz...

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I've been found out!

      Heh...I like the unusual ears too....but then you'd know that by looking over my herd of pointy eared resins

      The souldoll centaur is a good concept on paper and the pieces are awesome but together ...meh.
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