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Getting my goat

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Resinsoul has come out with a large doll that has the ears and removable horns of a dall sheep.

Now a much more expensive doll company, Soom, which produces monthly limiteds has done a theme with hooved and horned doll people in the past and there is a minor fluff-up in some forums about RS copying Soom....because as we all know, themes are exclusive.

Only ONE company has the right to make elves and only ONE company has the right to make vampires and only ONE company can make....

The point is, no one on the planet is going to mistake a $1200 US doll for a $200 one. Just the existence of animal horns does not mean copying and the fact that this doesn't even begin to resemble the expensive doll remotely (no hooves, no elf ears), so tossing around accusations of plagerism is rather simple minded. I don't see anyone screaming angrily at Souldoll for creating a centaur when Domadoll has offered ones for years.

As a matter of fact, there are companies that have been offering magnetic demon/goat/pan horns that you can attach to ANY doll for ages. I find this to be ridiculous to think that one company invented the concept.

What Resinsoul did was sculpt their own version of horns and married it with a head with PAN ears which IS unusual. I rather like the ears but have no interest in either the horns nor the doll.....but I still am annoyed with the way some people are ready to cry copyright theft so fast. Horns are quickly moving into the same area that detachable cat ears are in DOLLYworld..hardly uncommon.

What IS uncommon about cat ears...is when they occur on dolls like my Willow and her brother Kutla...because Dollzone did something OTHERS hadn't (and still haven't) and that is ~ remove the human ears. Ironically 99% of the people that see them don't realize how unusual they are until I pull back the hair to reveal....nothing at all. XD...

ANYway..yep it's all a lot of self-righteous bleating in Dollyworld. Same old, same old. ;)
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