2 days to go

2 days to go

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So on Thursday I'm off to Vancouver for some mental R&R from reality.

I've got pretty well everything on my list done that needed to be checked off ~ with the exception of last minute chores that have to wait till the last day anyway (ie., picking-up some rhubarb tarts & bakalava from the local bakeries for my pc techboy), lay out the schedules for everyone since they don't actually live here and have a clue... and packing.

YES that means the walls ARE DONE! Or at least what I intend to do in the way of painting is completed. I leave the furniture moving and arranging to the teens. It's THEIR dressingroom afterall.

It will be good to get away from online doll forums for a bit ~ I have been keeping to the threads involving tinies for the most part ~ because collectors of the small resins seem to me to be the most laid back and least self-absorbed of the bunch. It's all about the cute ~ period. I can't seem to disengage my temper completely so time to just disengage period, and pull the plug for a few weeks.

That doesn't mean no dolls though. The Feline siblings and Bonsai Boys are travelling with me, and I will be meeting up with the owner of the online dollshoppe, Featherfall while out in BC ~ which I am very much looking forward to. On the other hand my mother is insisting I look up my fathers' cousin which just makes me cringe. WHAT is the daughter of a former AD-man supposed to say to the man who invented National Buy Nothing Day??? The mind boggles.....

Anyway I will probably be posting daily while I'm away to keep you abreast of any adventures (or misadventures) :)

Okay...off to fold laundry (not going to miss that I can tell ya)
  • Have huge fun and take lots of your amazing photos! By the way, a small scrap of velvet is on its way to you as I type LOL
    • I hope to!

      It's going to be fun visiting but also being able to be of help when they need an extra set of hands for lifting, washing, unpacking and sorting.

      Thar shall also be much sushi eaten (on the Pacific coast I certainly hope so) and much Scotch and Guinness consumed ;)

      *scrap of velvet*....Now what are you up to I wonder :)

  • I hope you have a good time. here should be some good photo ops, too. I hear there's some lovely gardens in Vancouver. And OMG! the ocean is RIGHT THERE!


    Have fun with your friend and enjoy the relaxation. I think you deserve it.
    • Thank-you.

      I was up at 5 this morning thinking I have to do X, Y and Z and then realized my 19 year old can handle picking up the brother from school and I can just keep my eye on the ball and get the little piddly stuff done at a steady pace.

      ...meaning I can wait 'til the husband gets up until tossing him out of beds so I can wash the sheets. ;)

      I don't know if I did anything to deserve the get away but I'm am going to take full advantage of it XD

      *seriously need to consider packing*
  • I am *so* not looking at Soom dolls. Or their website. Or the wigs, the eye balls. Or... I'm not! *crosses arms*

    And I am also not drooling over one certain face-up artist's site either. Hmph.

    Have fun with Xan. Give her a big hug for me, would you?

    Which reminds me, I need to pack tonight when I get off from work. Going to Denver on Thursday for an all day meeting/conference Friday. Might need to leave a little earlier to do some sightseeing up north before the evening wears away :)
    • I am *so* not looking at Soom dolls. Or their website. Or the wigs, the eye balls. Or... I'm not! *crosses arms*

      *of course you're not*

      If you deny it long enough you might even start to believe it ;)

      I will definately give her a huge smooshy GLOMP for you *^___^*

      Oh have a safe drive up to Denver and I hope you have a chance to take some time for yourself and enjoy the drive up there and back (CDs I pressume of the yummy bishie kinds?) and a bit of sight seeing. YOU deserve that! :)

      • I will definately give her a huge smooshy GLOMP for you

        Thank you. I'm sure she'll be ecstatic to see you! What a fun time you'll have. :)

        I must remember to switch out the CD player in my car for the old one before going to bed tonight. The newer one I got skips at the tiniest bumps in the road. So not a good thing. The little light behind the clock burned out of the older one, but other than that everything else works much better. I don't need to see which track I'm on or what time it is as long as I can hear the CD. With the bishi. Moaning without hiccups.

        Boss just told me I could leave tomorrow at 2 o'clock so I miss the rush hour traffic. That should get me there in plenty of time to go wandering around a bit. This will be like a nice little mini-vacation. Can't wait! I bet your visit with Xan will be much the same for you even if there is work to be done :)
  • Are you packed yet? When are you leaving the house? *laugh* I ask because I have a history of not packing until the night before the trip and I usually don't start until around 9:00 PM. XD XD XD The one exception being my trip to San Francisco and Seattle last year in Sep/Oct. It was a two week trip and I spent about 3-4 days packing for that one (and writing down every single thing that went into my suitcase). XD XD

    I hope you have a great time and are able to really help out your friend and just relax. ^____^

    As for the dolls... I tend to stick to the Photostory section of the forum and leave the rest of it alone. (Unless I'm browsing the Marketplace.) And of course, I'm only on the one forum (DoA) so I don't have multiple places to go get riled up. And regarding tinies... I'm saving up for a Bobobie Elfkin!! (Rowan's little cousin.)
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