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2 days to go

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So on Thursday I'm off to Vancouver for some mental R&R from reality.

I've got pretty well everything on my list done that needed to be checked off ~ with the exception of last minute chores that have to wait till the last day anyway (ie., picking-up some rhubarb tarts & bakalava from the local bakeries for my pc techboy), lay out the schedules for everyone since they don't actually live here and have a clue... and packing.

YES that means the walls ARE DONE! Or at least what I intend to do in the way of painting is completed. I leave the furniture moving and arranging to the teens. It's THEIR dressingroom afterall.

It will be good to get away from online doll forums for a bit ~ I have been keeping to the threads involving tinies for the most part ~ because collectors of the small resins seem to me to be the most laid back and least self-absorbed of the bunch. It's all about the cute ~ period. I can't seem to disengage my temper completely so time to just disengage period, and pull the plug for a few weeks.

That doesn't mean no dolls though. The Feline siblings and Bonsai Boys are travelling with me, and I will be meeting up with the owner of the online dollshoppe, Featherfall while out in BC ~ which I am very much looking forward to. On the other hand my mother is insisting I look up my fathers' cousin which just makes me cringe. WHAT is the daughter of a former AD-man supposed to say to the man who invented National Buy Nothing Day??? The mind boggles.....

Anyway I will probably be posting daily while I'm away to keep you abreast of any adventures (or misadventures) :)

Okay...off to fold laundry (not going to miss that I can tell ya)
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