Project update June

Project update June

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So here is as best a picture I can get for you of the final product of this tiny room that while small on space is LARGE on purple. The wall behind the door is white, while the end walls (door/window) are that lighter shade or grape and well....yeah then there is that dark one. EIGHT COATS of dark purple I might add....atop 4 coats of white. =__=

ANYway yep yep...another project under my belt. Next summer I tackle my own bedroom with a helava lot more weird angles, 4 x bigger and all wall papered drywall that wasn't sized so it will be a LONG project to remove the 30+ year old floral print stuff before I attempt the joy of painting.

I think...I will be using a roller on portions of that one.

But that's in 2010. For now I can say *I did it* and move onto painting the front porch in July aswell as the parging along the base of the house.

Here's the cement step that my father (and I) worked at pouring. Hard to believe that's 5 bags of cement. MY GOODNESS what does it take to do more than one level XD?

If you squint hard enough you can almost believe that this yard is under control. Naturally for the first time in a dozen years the grass seed took. I'll be edging it fiercely when I return but I'm not worried about the pumpkins or zucchini and the tomatos really only have to contend with the remains of the Forget-me-nots and those are a spring flower so they like the violets are allowed to stick around instead of getting weeded out.

The front vegetable garden is hemmed in on the far end by the daylillies ~ the roots keep in the soil till I get a wall built at the end and the leaves provide a wall to retain the heat for the tomatos. Carrots and cucumbers at the far trellis are up but I've had to replant the cuckes at the closer one and if they don't take then the pumpkin that planted itself can have the space (you can see the leaves undert the trellis. I'm hedging my bets and not rooting it out until I have to.

The sugar snap peas are doing well.

  • The purple is gorgeous! I'll be painting my old house this year, so that is inspiring.
    • Flash photography does not do that dark purple justice.

      It is really a lovely shade. Absolutely stunning rich tone....

      You will definately have to spam us all with your redecorating when you get to it :)
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