Family Vacation...

Family Vacation...

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I've got the Bonsai Bros squared away & I'm now working on configuring the Velvetpaw siblings and my camera into the carry-on bag.

I'm wondering how I'm going to fit 5 Rhubarb tarts in there as well?? >D

Anyway, after I took this shot I found Willow's own face-mask and put Samuals' back in the drawer. The next step is to attack my own packing.

And yes....like usual I'm packing clothing for 5.

*shakes head at the irony*
  • '....And yes....like usual I'm packing clothing for 5....'

  • *laugh* Well... at least the BJD clothing takes up less room? ^_______^

    I hope you have a great time on your trip! And Willow and Kulta look like they're trying to hibernate during the trip!! XD
  • How is it that it's so much easier packing for five than to pack only for yourself? I'm coming up with the same problem packing my bag to go on an overnight trip for crying out loud! One change of clothes means one pair of pants. Two shirts (just in case), the usual underthings and toiletries, right? Then where does everything else come from is what I'd like to know.

    The five rhubarb tarts will have to be placed into your "purse"? You know, a large purse-like bag that you can put your actual purse into? :)

    Have lots of fun with Xan and a safe trip! *hugs*
  • Safe trip^_^

    And I agree on the packing problem. No matter how little you pack, the bag is still overflowing^^
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