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Geraniums ~ they be trimmed, potted and watered.

Garbage can lid handles are now wrapped in alumimiun foil tape (chew on that ya stinking Sciurus carolinensis) and mothballs are secured to the inside of said lids.

A/C guy is currently puzzling together the A/C non-functionality. I hope he finishes before 2:45 so the eldest and I can scoot out to see the Transformers film.

I had rhubarb/strawberry pie for lunch *^___^*

*dashes off to collect the recycling from around the house for trash day*
  • Too bad your humidity keeps you from using a swamp cooler. They're so much easier to keep working and much less costly on the electric bill. Of course, with any bit of humidity in the air, it doesn't do much cooling.

    Mmmmm. Strawberry/rhubarb pie... *drools*
    • *nods*....yeah.

      This year has been really weird though ~ seriously just one long spring, with one kick at the can of heat when I was away. Usually when it arrives it just stays.

      I should be grateful, since that means we weren't drowning in our own sweat when the A/C wasn't fixed...which it is now. In fact it was a matter of the coils being muddy. I need to move some of those bricks I have out front to the area around the unit and place them down so that the mud doesn't splash up on them in the rain.

      *mmmm* love tart strawberry rhubarb pie :)
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