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Mary Mary quite contrary how does your jungle grow?

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I posed pictures of the veggie garden on the 17th of June, just before I left.

THESE I took yesterday:

The south facing, warmed all day by sunshine, slightly elevated area is enjoying this extended spring we are having. While it's playing havoc with the cucumbers, at least the Japanese variety are making the effort and have just made it to the first rung of the trellis....can't say much about the Russian ones that only ONE seed germinated (after a 2nd planting) and it's only considering growing taller than my thumb.

No problem ~ the sugar snap peas are helping themselves to some support, the carrots are bustling along and a self planted pumpkin is bringing up the rear in time for the pea plants to finish their fruiting and make room for the big squashes.

The tomato plants beyond the dragon have LOST THEIR MINDS! I have stake them and will have to restake them. THEY are HAPPY HAPPY tomato plants and just can't set enough fruit for me. *@_@!! Even the neighbours have commented on the demented giants trying to eat my house....

The pumpkins are happy. The yellow Zucchini are REALLY happy ~ the Brandywine tomato plants are NOT ...

....and I suspect the endless spring weather that is going to do them in. They need a lot more sand in the soil than what they have beneath their roots and I think I'll be hauling them out and tossing them soon as there is no cure for blossom rot. I personally don't mind the lack of blistering summer weather but they do...as do my sunflowers. I gave up after 3 plantings and have gone for radishes instead.

I should just pull the Brandywines and replace them with lettuces (marche) but my family really doesn't care for lettuce salads...*shrugs*...or maybe just let that area lie fallow for next year and make a point of working in some sand in the autumn.
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