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FINALLY got to the gym after weeks of not and BOY did that feel GOOD!

I didn't die...so obviously I've been using some of my muscles.


I'm going to just drop moments from the trip as they pop into my flea brain so forgive the randomness.


So Xan and I were in a Costco, picking up some things she needed and are standing in the check-out, the cashier running items through as a 2nd man packs the purchases into a box.

Packer stares at Xan (as most people tend to do) and suddenly blurts out," Are you Pagan?"

I stare at him for a moment and then turn to look at Xan, who is startled to total and complete dumbness by the comment, mid-payment.

I'm waiting for her comeback...I mean we;d covered a wide range of religeous topics and experiences just the other night and...and...and there is nothing.

I am perplexed by her silence. Xan is NEVER at a loss for words.

Then the packer says, "It's just that you are wearing black and that's OUR colour."


My head has swung back to look at him, glance down at my usual all black casual clothing which mirrors Xan's usual dressy all black clothing and then back to stare at Xan who is staring at me in silence.

ALL I can think about is...*OUR* colour??

Xan mumbles that um no she's not.

Now I'm stunned. That's IT? Nothing MORE?! And what the fuck did that guy mean by OUR colour?

She then says that she's more Shinto and he looks surprised before saying that...Oh well that's okay.

The two of us walk away, I whisper that it's nice that she has his permission to practice Shinto then get lost in my thoughts about the OUR COLOUR comment. By the time we get to the car and are loading the packages Xan is snapping out of her WTF silence, and begins ranting that she should have said she was a follower of the Satanist Michael Aquino and OMG his aura was so slimmy she was still cringing at the memory of it.

This kind of total random happened regularly, day in and day out to us. One of the things I like about Xan is just sitting back and watching the world try to interact with her ~ it is usually most entertaining. >D
  • Packer stares at Xan (as most people tend to do) and suddenly blurts out," Are you Pagan?"

    She should have come back with, "No, I'm not Pagan. I'm a high class, ultra expensive call-girl from Japan."

    *falls to the floor laughing*

    *picks self up, wipes eyes and tries to stop laughing*

    I can't believe Xan let that opportunity pass her by! =D

    What do these people do with what passes for their brains anyway? Honestly, he gives Pagans a bad name.

    *hugs you and Xan*
    • *nods emphatically*

      It was SUCH a good missed opportunity and she takes them almost EVERY time...and is pretty darn good at them to since the universe makes sure she gets loads of practice. >D

      Like the time the three rednecks in the HUGE pick-up truck cut us in her little smart car off and then proceed to try and turn badly, trying to get out of a parking lot and causing a backup ...and yelling at her to LEARN HOW TO DRIVE.

      ...not the right thing to say to Xan.

      SO not the right thing to say.

      I can tell you for a fact that there is NO place to hide in a Smartie when your driver is making like a rabid Jack Russell terrier in the face of 3 Rotweilders. XD

  • *puzzled*
    So only pagans wear black??
    • Ah you share my confusion....

      In fact....I wasn't aware that Pagans WORE exclusively black.

      Yeah...I was really hung up on that comment...still am wondering what he was really trying to say or what was going through his head.

      I bet the Catholic Nuns/priests would be a bit freaked out at the thought >D

      • The few pagans I saw wore bright colours and beads. More like a neo hippy look. I'm wondering if he was trying to politely say you were goths or Satanists^^ *shakes her head*

        Yes but they've got that bit of white to protect them in their dress.
        • I have always associated pagans to be exactly that ...at least the young modern ones ~ more earth mother hippy types. The older ones who are financially successful are more earth toned...at least in my mind, but having said that there is no cut and dried style. They just always strike me as people comfortable in their own skins and their clothing reflects that.

          I've worn black almost exclusively (much to the amusement of friends and family) for over 15 years. I have accents of colour but my drawers and closet are pretty well midnight hued. So is Xans'. It's not a religious choice .....hence our @_@ at the comment.

          Mind...I wouldn't be upset to being mistaken as a pagan, but like you said, perhaps he was stumbling trying to ask if we were something else (Xan in particular) since both of us have paler than pale natural coloured skin tones wearing black. If he was recruitinig it wasn't for a gentle religion...

          What kind of aura do Xan and I give off when we are togther I wonder? You can't believe the stares we (she) get all the time...I love watching people mesmorized by her...utterly fascinating...I'm get caught up in the glare/stare just because I'm this hulking Amazon towering over her flaming red hair* :)

          True enough about the collars, ...but the function of that is to reduce the washing of the overall habit. Like the Eri on Kimono, you wash the sweat and dirt from the removable collar and not the overall garment...it was a matter of practicality which became tradition.

          • Well, I don't know what you two are like together but Xan is really memorable and I say this as someone who has difficulty remembering people's faces with their names. For me, it's not her hair colour or black clothing (though they are both a factor) but her face. Her facial bones give her a strange alluring look; young but also ancient in a way. I mean this as a complement; I'd never forget her if I passed her by on the street. I bet if she dressed up in one of those Renaissance Fair dresses, she'd look gorgeous^_^

            Yeah, my mom likes to wear all-white a lot in summer. In Thailand the colour is associated with Buddhist nuns. We laughed hard when a taxi driver asked her if she was performing religious fasting! XD

            Ah, thanks for the info about the collar. I didn't know that.
            • Well ....okay, take a look here to see the contrast between us.

              We are both pale and wear black but she has the red tresses while I have just my slowly silvering brunette fur. I'm a good 17 cm taller than her. She wears heels and I wear flats. She wears dresses and I wear slacks. In this case I wore baggy work pants for most of the trip. She likes to show off her figure, and I wear very baggy clothing.

              AND she would be very complimented by your comment about her face looking young but ancient. I know what you mean and she would be aglow at the comment. People don't forget her. We've been in Tokyo and on side of town one day and a few days later in a shop and a total stranger will come up to her and say somehow that they saw her on the other side of town ....exactly where we were.

              ...I'm so used to that I just laugh. She's so used to it she doesn't bat an eye anymore.

              I tend to blend into the background and watch people watch her. :)

              Oh and renaissance fair....heh...yeah I've seen her closet in detail...I can tell you that she can and she does (saw photo albums too)

              LOL at your mother's experiene ....XD
              • *looks*
                Oh my.. you guys really are different physically and in fashion taste XD
  • That's one ignorant "Pagan", there. Geez, while I know some pagans who wear mostly black, many of us are just as likely to wear green or brown (the Earth stuff, yanno), or purple or white... and a lot of tie-dye, lol... There's NO "our color"!
    • *nods* I think you are VERY correct.

      It still disturbs me on a very basic level ~ Xan cut through to the chase later and was undoubtedly correct about the fact that there was something waaaay creepy about him. I was completely thrown off by the comment and utterly perplexed by how wrong the thinking was and confused by Xan's first reaction so I didn't pay him personally much mind, beyond classifying him as *oily*

      My thought about pagan clothing in a modern, North American city is ~ just being at ease with themselves and wearing natural materials ...colours don't enter the equation.

      I do wonder what he was really after. Was it just regularly random occurance where someone suddenly feels the need to say something, anything to her ~ and he just babbled whatever was in his head r...or was there something more?

      Funny how just a few sentances could totally unrail our trains of thought! XD
      • I think there is, unfortunately, an element of very young Pagans (not by age, but we're talking clueless newbies here) who have been attracted by the "Goth" culture and have taken on an air of superiority. Seen way too many vampire movies and horror flicks of the Blair Witch sort. Really, as a Pagan myself, I've seen Pagans at festivals who are either Goth (which IMO has utterly nothing to do with paganism) or just like wearing black and not necessarily exclusively. Of the latter group - ain't a one of 'em would claim black as a strictly Pagan color.
        • *nods*....and I guess that is to be found in any group. The us vs them mentality.

          Ah well..aside from the weird factor, it definately gave us something to talk about and ponder. :)
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