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FINALLY got to the gym after weeks of not and BOY did that feel GOOD!

I didn't die...so obviously I've been using some of my muscles.


I'm going to just drop moments from the trip as they pop into my flea brain so forgive the randomness.


So Xan and I were in a Costco, picking up some things she needed and are standing in the check-out, the cashier running items through as a 2nd man packs the purchases into a box.

Packer stares at Xan (as most people tend to do) and suddenly blurts out," Are you Pagan?"

I stare at him for a moment and then turn to look at Xan, who is startled to total and complete dumbness by the comment, mid-payment.

I'm waiting for her comeback...I mean we;d covered a wide range of religeous topics and experiences just the other night and...and...and there is nothing.

I am perplexed by her silence. Xan is NEVER at a loss for words.

Then the packer says, "It's just that you are wearing black and that's OUR colour."


My head has swung back to look at him, glance down at my usual all black casual clothing which mirrors Xan's usual dressy all black clothing and then back to stare at Xan who is staring at me in silence.

ALL I can think about is...*OUR* colour??

Xan mumbles that um no she's not.

Now I'm stunned. That's IT? Nothing MORE?! And what the fuck did that guy mean by OUR colour?

She then says that she's more Shinto and he looks surprised before saying that...Oh well that's okay.

The two of us walk away, I whisper that it's nice that she has his permission to practice Shinto then get lost in my thoughts about the OUR COLOUR comment. By the time we get to the car and are loading the packages Xan is snapping out of her WTF silence, and begins ranting that she should have said she was a follower of the Satanist Michael Aquino and OMG his aura was so slimmy she was still cringing at the memory of it.

This kind of total random happened regularly, day in and day out to us. One of the things I like about Xan is just sitting back and watching the world try to interact with her ~ it is usually most entertaining. >D
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