THEY are evil enablers...

THEY are evil enablers...

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I'm speaking Xan and her partner in crime, The Hubby of Xan.

I was able to resist the temptations of SL (Second Life) for two years...even the tour she gave me while I was in Vancouver had me amused but not particularly needful of joining in ~ after all this is her world of dollys that she plays in.

Then her husband pulled out the big guns ~ his avatar got a new body and she's a scrumptious panda girl.



That sound of laughter is coming from the other side of the Rockies in case you were wondering.

...I justify my neko girl as a way to play with Xan in real time but at a distance. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now if I could just learn to stop walking into walls....

    STILL walks into walls and falls off stairs after nearly two years.

    Check out 'Figleaves' and you can see the stuff I sell!

    • HAH!

      I figured that would draw you out XD

      Thanks so much, by the way ~ for the fabric. I was pulling it from the envelope and thinking...gosh this reminds me of her dress she made for the wedding and then I read your note.


      I don't know who is going to wear that yet but I have some lovely patterns that require stretch material and hopefully one of the girls will get a nice gown out of that material (and I'll doubtless be cursing as much as you were dealing with it...but on a small scale)

      Looked at your shop. Lovely stuff you've pulled together from scratch *claps*. Are you enjoying it?

      Kulta Hannu by the way :)

      Clumsiest cat in all of SL and dumber than a stump too. ;)

      And has a personal loathing for spiral staircases and the evil minds that design them >D
      • Hah Spiral stairs are killers.

        Friended you and is compiling a list of 'awesome Japanese sims to take you to'!
        • Oh. Thank-you.

          I will respond in kind when I get in there later. I need to do RL things before I allow myself to open that program today. I got lost in on of the reccommendations on your picks page yesterday and spend ages exploring the Buddhist temple grounds. :)
  • *smile* You know what? The Voice is telling me to not even look this up. At all. *nods* I think for once... I will listen to The Voice. ^___^ (I'm already too far in with the resin dolls... I don't need virtual versions of said dolls. XD)
    • You would be very wise to just pretend I said nothing. ;)
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