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I figured that would draw you out XD

Thanks so much, by the way ~ for the fabric. I was pulling it from the envelope and thinking...gosh this reminds me of her dress she made for the wedding and then I read your note.


I don't know who is going to wear that yet but I have some lovely patterns that require stretch material and hopefully one of the girls will get a nice gown out of that material (and I'll doubtless be cursing as much as you were dealing with it...but on a small scale)

Looked at your shop. Lovely stuff you've pulled together from scratch *claps*. Are you enjoying it?

Kulta Hannu by the way :)

Clumsiest cat in all of SL and dumber than a stump too. ;)

And has a personal loathing for spiral staircases and the evil minds that design them >D
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