Hope you guys had a good weekend!

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

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Ticked a few more things off the list today, including scraping and painting (with oil, ick) the shed (former garage) door and old fancy window frames.


Also went to the gym *yay* and then was on the horn with Xan's hubber as he walked me through configuring my firstever joystick and taught me the ups, downs and sideways of it.

*feels like a kid*

Tomorrow the parental units are here for the day ~ and hopefully they are bringing the power-washer so that I can deal with those things that need to be hydro-blasted... *yes I'm talking about you porch & deck*

For now though ....I think a scotch will taste just fine and then off to practice falling off buildings and materializing inside walls :P
  • *laugh* Okay, question!

    the shed (former garage) door

    You turned your garage into a shed? Meaning the vehicle(s) will no longer ever be parked there?? *is curious* Or... you took the door off the garage to put it on the shed? *laugh* My brain is going very odd places right now... best thing is to just ask. *hee*
    • Well....we live in an old house.

      When it was built ...1894....they did not have cars.

      The yard is too small to have actually had a coach house...so who knows what was out there a hundred years ago.

      When we bought it there was a garage door on the ...garage....and an addition that made it into a dual purpose garage / garden shed...but...

      ...I can't imagine them ever parking a car in there because the garage door was pretty narrow.

      SO we ripped out the badly built addition on the side and put in a patio with a trelis...put barnboard all around the garage/shed....had a big old swinging shed door constructed after taking off the garage door...and reused the fancy old window frames that we found inside the building to frame the old windows.

      We call it * the garage* but we've never parked a car in it. Sleds, bikes, lawn mower, skooters, wheelbarrow yes....but nothing with wheels bigger than that....but in reality it's a shed. >D

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