A blast

A blast

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Awesome day that saw lots get done.

Dashed off for errands first thing in the morning and then did some chores around the house before my parents arrived.

We went out for lunch with the eldest spawnling ~ who has wisely decided that now is a good time to get to know her grandparents...while they are still able to have interesting conversations. I thought she did fairly well considering she was slightly hung over, which my father found highly amusing XD

ANYway ~ after a leisurely lunch my father proceeded to powerwash the front porch carpet (long story short about why we have indoor outdoor carpet....because some fool glued high gloss tiles to the cement and then rebuilt a wooden porch around it so there is great expense involved in removing said tiles that ice up in the winter and become a health hazard....but that's a future project)....AND he turned the blast on the wooden stairs that I needed to scrape down and prep for re-painting and did 99% of my work for me. WOOT!

Following that we took apart the old basketball hoop that had been shoved aside when my driveway was paved last year and made it difficult for me to garden. My sprocket sets and a Yankee screwdriver, coupled with his ability to disassemble anything = big old piece of crap-pain in the ass is now ready for me and the eldest to take to the dump. DOUBLE WOOT!

While my father and I were doing that, my mother was taking pictures of my dolls to send to her cousins in Finland and then pounced on the latest Tamora Pierce book I bought her. In fact she was asking about it right after arriving, saying Hello, great to see you....so you have the book? HAH! Such a kid. She got to read the latest fantasy thing and my father got to play with his tools...I think he's power washed everything there is to power wash on the farm right now XD

THEN we went to a buffet for dinner before they bolted for home.

The eldest said she had a BABY day. Sleep till noon. Eat. Sleep till 6. Eat. Go to bed for the night. HAH....except for the diapers that sounds about right.

As for myself...I'm going to retire with a scotch and plan my Tuesday in the garden before the next stretch of rain settles in and the jungle grows madder than ever. Washing those new doll clothes too seems in order and I also need to put the game SPORE on my son's pc or he's going to kill me when he gets home. It's his gift from my trip out west...and he is getting ansty to play it.

I do believe that I have volunteered myself to farm sit the last two weeks of August and am encouraging them to go on a drive-about in their Miata. They are 67/68 respectively and I want to make sure they take the time to enjoy getting out while they still have the ability to do it. :)
  • Ugh. I had to talk my stepmom into renewing her passport this weekend. I think the saddest things I've ever heard was to hear her say that she didn't think she'd need it again. :(
    • It is sad .

      I get meloncholy when I notice that my father isn't as mentally sharp as he used to be ....and it just gives me shivers. Having had two grandparents descend into alzheimers I just can't ever be prepared for it to happen to my parents. There is of course a very good chance it won't but every glitch in the matrix so to speak makes me shudder.

      I think there is that point where the baton gets passed onto the next generation and in truth none of us really want it because taking hold of it means letting go of something that has always been a constant in our lives.

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