The Cat's pajamas....or something like that

The Cat's pajamas....or something like that

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Last night I played in SL (second life) and bought character a skin ~ meaning while I can change the human shape of my avatar to suit, I coughed-up coin to wrap her body in snow leopard markings with an animated tail and ears.

I am most please with my girl ~ she is smexy =^..^=

Today the only noteworthy things I did was I trim the backyard grass with clippers, weed the back section of the rock garden, move furniture around the sprogs room now that the girls' vanity is out of there... and play around a bit with Kulta here (who is wearing a new outfit I picked up for him when in Vancouver). I also went to the gym and finished off volume 9 of Kurosagi Corpse Deliver Service while on the bike.

...such a good read that. I know there are 11 volumes out in Japan but why isn't Dark Horse publishing another one this year? WHAAAAAH ~ I want more smart & funny horror manga!!

My box of needful things from Vancouver arrived and I've only just started to unpack those items I picked up at Daiso for house and dollies. I'd wondered why it was so heavy and discovered the answer on the bottom ~ along with the bubble gum machine, Xan had sent me her rice cooker which was too big for just her and hubby. *heh* At some point I'm bound to kill mine and it's good to have a back-up :)

Ariss, I'll haul it all out tomorrow to give you a better idea of what goodies I found at Daiso..

I've now made a list of the NEXT to-dos; Along with painting the front porch I need to paint the parging around the base of the house (that I can get at) paint the steel wings/fangs and claws on the 300 lb. stone dragon in my front garden, prep & re-paint a pair of stepping stools my grandfather made me and also take down and repaint the house numbers so they are once again visible from the street.

*looks at list and nods to self*

You know it feels good to be able to tackle the little piddly chores along with the bigger ones that NEED to be done. :)

Is it just me...or does Kulta look rather pleased with his princely garb? *0__o....

  • he looks quite stunning and I'm sure he knows it. Very nice outfit you got him.
    • I generally don't go for the DollHeart SD clothing because it's so over the top but this one was just gorgeous, and I don't have to bother putting the frilly collar (cravat??) on him. The quality is..amazing. The buttons really button...my fingers weep about that but still it is amazing and his butt looks GREAT in those pants ;)
  • Cat Boys and Kyoto

    I'm /this/ close to buying a doll just so you can make it up for me. XD

    I'm back from Kyoto/Nara/Osaka. I. Had. A. BLAST! ALso, scored a Bardo figure in Osaka to add to my Asato/Konoe ones.

    Thanks for all the super awesome advice!

    PS. The Furnished Apartment in Kyoto was mindblowingly awesome. I shall eventually update LJ about it. I'll 'ding' you when/if I ever get around to it.
    • Re: Cat Boys and Kyoto


      Glad you had a good time and scored a Bardo too =^..^=

      I can't wait to hear all about it but take your time. Now I'll be bugging YOU for advice on where to stay.

      AND I hope there is going to be some photo spammage involved ;)
  • He looks STUNNING, and ohhh I think I know the exact skin that your girl has!

    • After we spoke Xan's hubber set me up with my controller. I've never used one before and he walked me through (via phone) the set up and configuration of the device and then gave me a lesson which I tried to write down but heh...you don't learn all those darned buttons in one day.

      I guess I'll just have to go into SL to practice ;)

      Then later Xan took me wandering around to various places and explaining the how tos about the place, the basics about how skins operate and purchase of clothing and the connection points (why sometimes tails disappear when you put on an item)

      At another time I went and started snagging demos and trying them on until I finally found what I was looking for: HERE....now time to tweak the wardrob ;)
      • ...And here too!

        Oh very cute! And yes, disappearing tails is one thing, vanishing skirts can be quite embarrassing! *Has forgotten when horse riding*....and gosh you MUST go there...AKK I think would find it for you in the search, and they have demo horses you can use...

        *admits to having two in her inventory*

        Heh, I've never used a controller in SL...you will have to let me know if its good. *has JUST got a new PC and will have it set up by the weekend - with luck the WORST lag will be a thing of the past!*
    • Oh and thanks about Kulta. I'm thinking about the fabric you sent and I have some reeeeally nice patterns for SD boys that I picked up and while it would make a nice dress for one of the girls it would make even a nicers jacket/coat and or vest or pants for him.

      While I like him in kimono I definately like him in this aristrocratic look too :) and the green colour would match is exactly the same colour as his eyes....


      well then that's decided. XD
      • Sildil/Spikey here!

        Mmmmm velvet jacket and breeches........

        With a creamy lace trim......

  • Squee! Hello there, catboy! He looks so pretty and aristocratic^_^ I can imagine him taking in a circuit of the new season in London.

    You've got a stone dragon in your garden?!
  • Wow, it sure sounds like you had a busy day. I love the photos of Kulta, he looks so much like royalty. *smile* It's that natural arrogance that cats have... every single cat is born with it, why should Kulta (or Willow) be any different? Even if it doesn't show very often... it's still there. *grin*

    You know... after browsing the DoA forum more often, I find that your Floy looks quite unique and different from most of the other ones I've seen. He's just so amazingly gorgeous!
    • Yes...I do think you are right. Every cat has a side of them that is convinced that they are aristrocratic >D

      And thanks for the compliment.

      I suspect the reason is, that I made a huge point of purchasing my Floy in the often forgotten about NYS ...Normal yellow skin. He's not pink...he's not tanned (I don't like tanned dolls they all look sort of orange to me) and he's not that dratted alabaster white that my poor Kohl is.

      His skin tone is possibly one of the most natural tones I've seen on resin dolls in any colour. :)

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