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The Cat's pajamas....or something like that

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Last night I played in SL (second life) and bought character a skin ~ meaning while I can change the human shape of my avatar to suit, I coughed-up coin to wrap her body in snow leopard markings with an animated tail and ears.

I am most please with my girl ~ she is smexy =^..^=

Today the only noteworthy things I did was I trim the backyard grass with clippers, weed the back section of the rock garden, move furniture around the sprogs room now that the girls' vanity is out of there... and play around a bit with Kulta here (who is wearing a new outfit I picked up for him when in Vancouver). I also went to the gym and finished off volume 9 of Kurosagi Corpse Deliver Service while on the bike.

...such a good read that. I know there are 11 volumes out in Japan but why isn't Dark Horse publishing another one this year? WHAAAAAH ~ I want more smart & funny horror manga!!

My box of needful things from Vancouver arrived and I've only just started to unpack those items I picked up at Daiso for house and dollies. I'd wondered why it was so heavy and discovered the answer on the bottom ~ along with the bubble gum machine, Xan had sent me her rice cooker which was too big for just her and hubby. *heh* At some point I'm bound to kill mine and it's good to have a back-up :)

Ariss, I'll haul it all out tomorrow to give you a better idea of what goodies I found at Daiso..

I've now made a list of the NEXT to-dos; Along with painting the front porch I need to paint the parging around the base of the house (that I can get at) paint the steel wings/fangs and claws on the 300 lb. stone dragon in my front garden, prep & re-paint a pair of stepping stools my grandfather made me and also take down and repaint the house numbers so they are once again visible from the street.

*looks at list and nods to self*

You know it feels good to be able to tackle the little piddly chores along with the bigger ones that NEED to be done. :)

Is it just me...or does Kulta look rather pleased with his princely garb? *0__o....

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