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MO dolls

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Waaaay back in April, a doll company named Felixdoll, started a promotion for their 11cm tall bjds. Basically at a third of the cost of a regular one, you could get three for the cost of one, with additional promotion items thrown in, such as extra heads, wigs, clothing, hand-sets etc to sweeten the pot.

These little dolls are similar to the Fairyland Puki and those that owned them love the little things to bits, saying that they are equal in almost every way to Puki in the ways they count the most ~ the production quality and posing ability of the doll itself.

Personally I think this crazy promotion is to get the product into the hands of puki lovers and snag the attention of those who were just not going to cough up the money for a tiny at Puki prices (which these guys are at normal prices). They just don't have Fairlyland clout and exposure. They will now.

Anyway...so what's a girl to do when faced with so many sweet little brownies for a decent price? Buy a few naturally.

Yes yes....I am utterly pathetic and made of total fail. Tell me something that I don't know. ;)

As the months rolled along they kept extending the *sale* and adding new versions to it and changing the promo items to the point that I really had NO idea what was going to be coming home to me when all was said and done.

Much to my surprise, my Trio of Trouble arrived this morning from the dealer, Ajumapamausa, in the US. I'd elected to have them shipped out non-EMS so I really wasn't expecting them until next week, so WOOT!

Now forgive the babble for a moment as I try to explain what arrived:

I'd ordered Adele and Momo (names of face-up/sets) on April 17th and then added Angel (another set) to the mix on April 27th ~ Karen kindly agreeing to combine the shipments so seriously who knew with the surge in popularity due to the extension of the sale when mine would roll in.

The reason I chose Momo was that I'd always been fond of that particular sculpt (that goes by that name) and this set came with an extra head (Nene) and I chose Adele because it was different from Momo yet also had elf ears, & came with a sleeping elf head. I picked up Angel as an after thought as I wanted a handset ...or so the logic goes. Cue the additional promos ....chaos ensues....so what kind of Brownie Hash did I end up with when I opened my box?

Well to begin with I recieved:

THREE sets of hands!!!! *face palm* THREE!?!?!?!?

Everyone has a wig, plus two there are 2 gift fur wigs that fit no one *shrugs*. Their non-fur wigs are really nice and fit well. Their clothing are all a bit big, with tartain dress and Adele's pants being the best made. I think I'll be digging out the box of Kelly clothes today :)

I'm happy with the sleeping elf head and the Nene human head,which I knew I'd be getting.

AS for the heads on the dolls I ordered ~ Momo is a Gogo while Adele is a Momo... as is Angel...except Adele has cute little freckles across his/her nose. So Momo is nomo but a Gogo and now I have 2 momos for the price of an Adele and Angel.

Have I confused you yet?

Okay ...Momo set was supposed to be a momo sculpt. Adele set was supposed to be a GOGO sculpt but they changed it to a Momo sculpt somewhere along the line and Angel is a momo sculpt.

I should have ended up with triplets of Momo but instead ended up with 2 Momo and the Gogo I wanted ....except I'd ordered her as a MOMO specifically.

Sorry if I just made your head hurt.

The resin Gods are mocking me...I am absolutely certain of that.

Tuuli was sitting in the garden and found herself swarmed by a pack of Teh Cute...I mean Brownies....:lol:

I hope they devulge their names to their pointy-eared cousin, because they certainly aren't letting me know what to call them yet...besides trouble.

People kept telling me that these three dolls are supposed to be the exact same sculpt...heh...um nope. That would be Pira dropping her toast and it landing butter side up thankyouverymuch. :)

Anyway, I do believe they have claimed Tuuli's lap as their own.

I can't see how this could possibly go over very well with Kulta...unless he's cool with sharing his and Tuuli's bed with a pack of pixies. He is a gentle cat though...and there doesn't seem to be much difference between pixies and kittens from what I've been able to gather...small and ridiculously cute. And he's dreadfully fond of kittens....

...I wonder if it's going to give him any ideas *cough*.

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