Riddle me this

Riddle me this

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I have another doll (different size, maker, etc) incoming and I casually clicked on the tracking number this evening to discover that it went into and out of Canada Customs... in one minute.

WHAT does that mean...besides the fact that I will be waiting around for the mailman Monday morning?

*keeps fingers crossed that it means no customs charges*
  • Maybe they're so used to doll boxes coming your way they just wave them through now?

    What? It could happen.
  • Hi, Pira! Wow, I didn't realize you were back until about the middle of last week... major amount of posts to catch up on! *grin* I hope to do that sometime today and tomorrow. ^__^

    *gasp* But wait! What do you mean, another doll incoming?! You... you don't impulsively buy things just like that, right? *mock horror* You wouldn't really just... see a doll and decide to get it in an instant... right??

    *grin* Uh... how many dolls does that make, now? *innocent look* Although... I'm sliding a bit faster down that slope... I'm in the middle of a purchase from the forum. *bliss* It's a Puki Pipi!! She's so adorable!! She introduced herself to me right away!! She- *claps hand over mouth* ... She obviously infected me. XD XD

    About Customs... *crosses fingers* Hopefully that's good news? (You've probably got him/her by now... should I expect more photos?)
    • Well I've been back but only sort of around here in journals lately.

      Um...yes...dolls...impulsive buys. Well...they are impulsive in a kinda sorta way. I tend to waffle about it for weeks and then make the decision at the very last moment (last day).

      Oh WHO am I kidding? It was impulsive. >D

      The bambicrony was a real out of the blue dolly. I purchased it without face-up because I need more projects (like a hole in the head)....or at least I needed a way to justify the purchase and not drain my account totally.

      No wait I did that already didn't I? Dolly savings are now done and I have to start again.

      The reasoning is that I want a few Yo-SD sized dolls and the one from this company I'd admired (and his kin) were being discontinued. That usually bumps certain sculpts up the list when it happens.

      How many dolls? Man...not even I want to know.....

      Doll Family:

      Bobobie Ariel ~ SU
      Bambicrony Elf Kumi ~
      DZ Hid ~ KOHL
      DZ Catboy Floy ~ KULTA VELVETPAW
      Elfdoll Aurora LE40 ~ TUULI
      Elfdoll Hazy ~ RYU
      Elfdoll Little Soah ~ ROSE
      Fairyland ~ Puki pong pong ~ PIKKU
      Fairyland ~ Puki Piki ~ PIP
      Fairyland Puki Pipi ~ PLUM
      Lati Red L ~ SAGANO KAI
      Lati Blue Rei head / DZ MSD new body ~ SAMUAL
      Obitsu 60cm Gretel ~ VIVIAN
      Obitsu 55cm Haruka ~ CLAUDETTE
      Obitsu 50cm ~ INARI
      Resinsoul Bei ~ AZUL,
      Resinsoul Yu ~ LAPIS
      Resinsoul Bao ~ TURQ
      Resinsoul Mei ~ SORA
      Resinsoul Jun ~ MIZU
      Felixdoll Brownie Adele ~
      Felixdoll Brownie Angel ~
      Felixdoll Brownie Momo ~

      Waiting for: Fairyland Pukifee Shiwoo & LittleFee Chiwoo Elf

      TOO...too many.

      Oh yeah....Puki. Congratulations on the Pipi. *^__^* ...heh...just be very very careful. If you get him/her and find that the size appeals to some part of you then they can become strangely justifyable and addictive....like resin crack.

      *face palm*

      He flew through customs. *yay* and yeah...I'll have to get some photos of my 4th nameless wonder.

      I opened the box and we stared hard at each other. He posed beautifully for me and then I placed him a back in the box to keep him clean till I have the kitchen table cleared and ready for cleaning, spraying and restringing of a whole heap of dollys in the next few weeks. Then he'll be ready for a face-up and maybe tell me who he is during the process...

      Must get Sora finished and start on Mizu....*sighs*....

      • 26 dolls?!
        • ...it is a sickness.

          You'll notice that those are the resins (with three large obitsu vinyls).

          Slinks away in shame.

          • *grins*
            At this rate you'll be able to open a Doll Museum soon^_~

            Seriously though, you started when? Last year? The speed of collecting doesn't bode well for available space at your house.
      • *googly eyes* Wow... 26 dolls?? That's... kind of awesome and kind of wallet-cringe worthy. *smile*

        But really... wow. LOL! And I thought I was going overboard perhaps with my plans of... four? five? XD

        I'm very much looking forward to seeing Sora and Mizu in the next steps of the process. And I actually saw a Littlefee Chiwoo elf at the last meet I went to! She was so cute! (It was a girl body.) I seriously considered saving for her, because the ears (my downfall) and the little smile on her face... she'd fit in great with Rowan and my planned BBB Elfkin. *sigh* And thus, it snowballs again... XD
  • Hi^_^ life treating you ok? I haven't seen you posting lately.
    • AND...thank-you for asking.

      I've been a bit distracted and keep trying to post and suddenly a week went by without one. Will remedy that now :)

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