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It's Friday again?

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You blink and a week goes by....YIKES!

I wandered in here daily when I seemed to have enough mental bandwidth to cobble together a few thoughts and get called away before I could actually write anything beyond a sentance...

I'd last left off with the following:

Here we sit at the midweek point and I'm trying to recall what I did on the weekend and the realized it was all rather about forced socializing.

You know...the kind you do because you have to and not because it was anything you dreamed up yourself. *heh*

On the Saturday we attended a BBQ


Okay so now to finish that thought.

We attended a BBQ of friends of the Bob's. He's coached their daughter for years & has come to enjoy the company of her father while my middling child is very close with the girl ~ so we finally made the time to take up an invitation from them for a 6 hour tete-a-tete by the barbie and it when all very well...except for that fact that half the time I felt I was out-squirreled by the hostess who is waaaay more random conversation-wise that moi. Let's just say that I was exhausted from the verbal pingpong and shoveling food in my piehole.

The next morning we had to attend ...no wait...I had to PARTICIPATE in my neice's baptism. I had been chosen as Godmother to the new baby, and while my sister-in-law knows full well that I am perhaps the least religious of her hubbers' family, she still chose to honor me with the role if I was willing to accept it. I couldn't say no to my favorite sis-in-law...and the right to call Elizabeth ~ LIZZY!, and so it goes. Pira in church on Sunday ...in a dress...saying prayers as my brother-in-law strained to keep a straight face while nudging me with his foot every time I had to say amen and/or cross myself or agree to something the priest said.

I just hoped I wouldn't have to dodge any lightening bolts.

That was followed by hours of socializing and eating...because I hadn't had enough of that 12 hours earlier....

And because I hadn't talked enough I probably clocked a few hours in there somewhere talking at Xan while playing with my nekogirl (points at image) in SL and learning some more ropes along the way.

More about that later.
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