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Here be dragon....

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Ariss asked me what I meant by a garden dragon when I said I was painting the steel parts on it....and I wasn't sure if I've ever introduced the 300 pound critter who lives under my livingroom window.

Here is Jasper ~ in all his glory, with newly rust protected steel bits.

We bought him as a wedding anniversary gift to each other a number of years back and his sweet mug has been our house guardian ever since. When visitors ask directions to my house I usually mention that it's the one with the stone dragon out front....

...when they arrive they understand it's no ordinary garden statuary I speak of ;)

Funny thing about jasper (named such because he's made of rock composite)....my mother has about a dozen names for him, including Lucy...but refuses to acknowledge his real name, insisting that it doesn't suit him. *sigh*
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