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Okay ~ going to strike while the iron is hot...so to speak and squeeze another brain-fart out.

My Bambicrony Yo-SD sized doll, Kumi arrived on Monday without any ransom demands from customs.

*go me*

It was at this point that I realized that I really need to stay away from doll sites because my addictive nature is in full swing.

Why him? He was being retired and I'd always admired the sculpt and I had the money to get him (and his little wings and glass eyes) sans face-up, hair, clothes, shoes....so that was that.

I am (don't laugh) waiting on two others...*throws up hands*...don't say it! I KNOW! I know I've got enough. I think I've covered the bases in every size from regular SD to tiny and I'm quite content with the variety I have now. Darn it, I love 'em all. I know that when Fairyland coughs up the cat-ears and paws for the size of doll I'm waiting on for deliver, that I'll be picking them up because that was the original plan when I ordered the little resin tike (elf ears and cat ears....wonder how that happens...must be when a cat and an elf breed maybe?)..but beyond that I'm seriously good.

ANYway...back to this guy. He will stay in his box after a scrub down and coating of MSC this week, until I finish the body jobs on my RS kids. Then I need to make him a wig and give him his face-up and re-do the puki brothers. BUT before ANY of that I have 10 dolls to scrub and spray and Kulta and Willow need to be wired and/or sueded.

My weekend with too much chance of rain which means no chance of outside painting while the family is away means I am clearing the kitchen table and getting at this long, stinky job. I'll have to change Ryu's hands too..

*cringes at the nightmare that's going to be because she's strung so tightly and when I did Tuuli's I sliced my finger*

I have no lack of things to do between domestic moments and on top of all that....Xan has hooked me but good into SL. More on THAT....in another post.

*head desk*

I have also noticed that the resolution of the images that are hosted on Photobucket is dropping. Fair enough...that stuffs' hosted for free. I now have my FTP back and my own webhost and will go back to dealing with the boring upload without the bling over there. *shrugs*
  • awwww. he cute as a button. he's got such a serious little face.

    See, I don't think I'd have too much trouble with the YO-SD dolls. It's the tinies that really make me twitchy with their air of breakability.
    • AH I knew I had some places where there were comments to catch up with :)

      He is cute. Darned cute. I really have to contemplate how to do his face up and what wig to give him...something flyaway and messy :)

      The YO-SDs are a nice handful compared to tinie...that much I'd grant you. I am really twitchy waiting on my Littlefee to see the difference between the Bambicrony and Fairlyland....
  • I'm looking at your Brownie. She looks so cute^_^ one of these days I'll succumb to their lure.

    Heh. Remember, I'm still waiting for that doll family group shot^_~
    • You and a few others ar waiting for that group photo...heh.

      OMG it's going to be scary. The lot of you are going to laugh at me so hard....I have to wait till all the family is out of the house because I really don't want them to see them all in one place. They will mock me mercilessly if they could see them all grouped together ...the evidence of my insanity will be irrefutable >D
      • *laughs*
        Come now. I'm sure it can't be THAT bad^_^

        I'm planning a group photo of my own doll family once the pre-order doll arrives late August. Doll no.18 just arrived this morning.... I can't believe I have this many dolls when I only began September last year. I really can't.

        *imagines the look on your family's face and laughs*
        Heh. Don't worry. Mine haven't realised it either. YET.
        • .....not counting the small obitsu I have 22 resins and 3 SD obitsu = 25.

          My family would faint if they saw them all together.

        • *does a double take*




          YOU have 18 dolls.

          *a very wicked, totally evil grin spreads across her face*

          *gets up to leave room and laugh while trying not to scare the cats*
          • *laughs*
            Did it take you a full minute to notice that number?^_~ And I stand corrected, it's actually 19.

            2 display-only Barbies, 1 Fashion Royalty doll, 4 J-dolls, 2 Dynamite Girls, 2 Taeyangs, 1 Nu.Face, 2 Momokos, 2 Tonner Antoinette, 2 Pullips, and 1 DZ BJD. And 1 Ex-Cute Azone doll on the way.

            Of course, the relatively lower price and the small size is what enabled me to get so many. I think your collection is more impressive in terms of invested value as bankers would say! XD

            And this entire hobby is your fault! Evil woman! *chibi Ariss shakes her fist*
            • Oh I saw the number.

              It just took a few moments for my brain to do the math: Ariss + 18 dolls = *0__o .... *0__0!!!!

              Heh....yeah it's less expensive your way to be sure and we do both seem to be working our way through our respective ends of the dolly spectrum...

              AND...yes...it probably is my fault.

              I guess you won't believe me if I say it was completely an accident. *cough*

              • *shakes her head and grins*
                It took me a while to get the equation too.

                we do both seem to be working our way through our respective ends of the dolly spectrum.

                That's one way of putting it. I've got dolls from the US, China, Korea, and Japan. Talk about a UN doll family. That Ikea bookshelf needs to be acquired soon or some of the dolls are going into storage.

                Nope. Of course I won't believe you! XD
  • Ooooh! *squee* Look at those ears!! Look at that cute little face! He looks sooo serious, like he's trying to concentrate on something that he really wants to get right, but he's worried about messing it up. *grin* Any color plans for his wig? Is he already set in your head or are you waiting for him to tell you what he wants to look like? (Uh... I sound slightly crazy, right? XD But you're a doll person, you understand. *laugh*)

    Also... you have massive amounts of dolly-type things to do. I am slightly in awe of you and your willingness to do all the maintenance/care/putting together of these dolls yourself. *smile*
    • *oh my* I am so out of the loop. I am only now playing catch-up with comments ...yike!

      Hope your travel home went well and that you enjoyed your visit with Irondog :)

      ....and the crazy weather we had there on Thursday night @_@

      He IS a serious little thing but sometimes they do when you haven't given them eyebrows yet :) I don't generally get serious dolls so I'll have to work him over a bit to get him to be less worried and more thoughtful looking.

      His hair will....earthtones of some sort is all I can think of a this point. Earth toned mohair probably....but I'm waiting on him to talk to me a bit more ;)

      Yeah...we doll people hear resin voices (and vinyl ones too)

      I am drowning in doll things to do. It's another reason that Second life is good ~ it's a time suck but it prevents me from taking on any more projects because DAYUM I have more than enough on my plate. @_@
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