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Okay ~ going to strike while the iron is hot...so to speak and squeeze another brain-fart out.

My Bambicrony Yo-SD sized doll, Kumi arrived on Monday without any ransom demands from customs.

*go me*

It was at this point that I realized that I really need to stay away from doll sites because my addictive nature is in full swing.

Why him? He was being retired and I'd always admired the sculpt and I had the money to get him (and his little wings and glass eyes) sans face-up, hair, clothes, shoes....so that was that.

I am (don't laugh) waiting on two others...*throws up hands*...don't say it! I KNOW! I know I've got enough. I think I've covered the bases in every size from regular SD to tiny and I'm quite content with the variety I have now. Darn it, I love 'em all. I know that when Fairyland coughs up the cat-ears and paws for the size of doll I'm waiting on for deliver, that I'll be picking them up because that was the original plan when I ordered the little resin tike (elf ears and cat ears....wonder how that happens...must be when a cat and an elf breed maybe?)..but beyond that I'm seriously good.

ANYway...back to this guy. He will stay in his box after a scrub down and coating of MSC this week, until I finish the body jobs on my RS kids. Then I need to make him a wig and give him his face-up and re-do the puki brothers. BUT before ANY of that I have 10 dolls to scrub and spray and Kulta and Willow need to be wired and/or sueded.

My weekend with too much chance of rain which means no chance of outside painting while the family is away means I am clearing the kitchen table and getting at this long, stinky job. I'll have to change Ryu's hands too..

*cringes at the nightmare that's going to be because she's strung so tightly and when I did Tuuli's I sliced my finger*

I have no lack of things to do between domestic moments and on top of all that....Xan has hooked me but good into SL. More on THAT....in another post.

*head desk*

I have also noticed that the resolution of the images that are hosted on Photobucket is dropping. Fair enough...that stuffs' hosted for free. I now have my FTP back and my own webhost and will go back to dealing with the boring upload without the bling over there. *shrugs*
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