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So now that I've made my garbage un-palatable....they have decided to move their banquet to my garden and are decimating my zucchini patch.

Not enough to tear chunks off the harvestable courgettes, but they are eating the BLOSSOMS off the plant before they can even set fruit.


I am now stringing up baggies of mothballs IN the centre of each zucchini plant...see if that doesn't put them off their feed >P
  • I know your frustration. I hate the little fuckers too. You need an attack cat.
    • An attack cat....*snrk*. With the number of cats in the neighbourhood you'd think this woudn't be a problem.

      Darned population has to crash at some point....climate change has been very good to them >(
  • The squirrels in my yard were SAMPLING (i.e. taking tiny bites out of) the tomatoes lowest on the vines. Damn things! But they seem to have stopped for now. Would dangling bits of tinfoil from strings tied to stakes set in the garden help to shoo them off?
  • I can't grow a damn thing on my balcony because the furry bastards dig up the seeds and eat them. !!! They don't even get to sprout.
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