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It's not that I fell off the internet....

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Rather I fell into SL and got stuck (a.k.a became addicted)

I knew I would as soon as I started down that road....because it scratches too many itches not to grab my attention and hold it tight.

I could blame Xan or Sildil but that wouldn't be fair. If I wasn't curious I wouldn't have stepped over to the other side for a look and if I didn't personally find things there to entertain me I wouldn't have stayed.

Now it's not like I was letting domestic duties slide. That was all taken care of as even the Bman observed. In FACT ....getting my chores done was an imperative since SL is the best carrot invented by geekdom!

Of course the real time suck this summer was supposed to be the outside paint work but the weather pretty well put the kibosh on that plan. Endless rain. I'm not complaining about the weeks (months) of extended spring we had but it certainly was ruining any plans for painting woodwork, etc. I need a good week of sun just for it all to dry out now BEFORE I apply paint and that is not happening as the humidity has taken hold. It might be a September job if we get an delayed dry spell...

That said ~ since I couldn't do the outside work....I had time to f**k around in SL.

I'll talk about what the attraction is later and my observations about inworld, but the single thing that has kept me there is:

.... is the way it calms my evening anxiety attacks. I did NOT see that coming *0__0!! That is WORTH the time spent pushing pixels around and then some.

If I can learn to manage my time better as the school year kicks in and achieve a balance between it and other hobbies (dolls/journaling) then I can justify the continued play online....but it's crack, there is no question about that.

I've just started my 2 1/2 week stint of farm sitting so we'll see how going *cold turkey* from this particular addiction is going to wear on me ;)
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