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So yesterday the humidity was trying to strangle us and on my way home from visiting Irondog and Crystalily in Oshawa, I was basically racing a thunderstorm.

Didn't quite make it ~ it was a fairly dramatic display of lighting as I sped along the rural highway and then it started to rain. We dashed inside around 6 pm and I was trying to decide what to do.

1) go to the barn in the storm and tend the chickens or
2) wait it out

The problem out here is that if the power goes off due to weather you lose the ability to draw water from the well ~ and while I use the word *well*. it's not the traditional, can climb down into it with a bucket if needbe type. It's a pipe drilled down 75'. No power. No water.

So I cooked Wil his supper and made a cuppa coffee ~ the sound of the rain on the steel roof was spectacular.

He ate.

I had my coffee.

It got darker.

It was 6:30 and I decided we had to go to the barn ~ so off we schlepped in the downpour. Big broad rimmed cowpoke hats keeping the water from running down our necks. Wearing windbreakers against the rain it was a questionable choice as it was so hot you were soaked anyway from sweat.

I filled extra buckets with water just in case the power cut out and wasn't running the next morning.

The chickens fed and watered I closed up the barn and we tromped through the mud back to the house.

We get in.

The phone rings and Teh Bob is telling me there are tornado warnings in my area. I tell him that I might lose the phone line any second....the phone had been funky for the past hour as I couldn't call him before I went to the barn.

Power goes out.

Power goes on.

I call him back...he tells me I got through fine...I said again that the chances of us losing phone due power outage was high when midsentence...

Power goes out again and stays out.

THEN I'm trying to find flashlights in my parents place in the middle of a raging thunderstorm....

I light the oil lamps....

...and we step outside to watch the sky turn various shades of black, green and orange ~ clouds parted north of us and the sun shone large and angry across the landscape ~ turning everything a very funky shade of yellow. My parents home is on a rise, the land overlooking lower areas to the west so they generally can just sit back and *watch* weather come toward them.

The sprog stared at the sky and said;"It's green. That can't be good."

We got rain, and eventually the power came back on...but...other parts of the region apparently got pasted. Picked-up, chewed-over and spat out.

I'm feeling mighty grateful for just being soaked through when doing the chores last night and slightly inconvenienced by the hydro being off.
  • Wow. That's some weather you've got^_^
    • Oh it was definatel WOAH weather.

      Tornados are not unheard of in Ontario ~ and apparently there were several twisters touching down yesterday. Yikes!

      I have yet to walk up the driveway to snag the newspaper and see what they have to say having only read a bit online from new services but oh boy...lots of damage with many houses destroyed and at lease one fatalilty. :(

      ...well at least we don't generally feel the effects of the huricanes working their way up the coast at this time of year. That's just long drawn out fury .....instead of a hand of god smacking you down out of no where.
      • Eeep! They are scary phenomena.

        I have a friend who used to live in Florida. Listening to the annual preparations was scary^^
        • Yeah....I just don't get the idea of wanting to live in a lowlying area that gets blasted repeatedly by mother nature every late summer / early autumn. The thought of dealing with annual tidal surges alone would keep me far away....

          Those folks are made of tuffer stuff than I.
          • And no electricity or water if the storms hit. My friend had to buy one of those small portable stoves and stock-up on bottled water and canned food.

            Makes living with the year long sandstorms here seem benign in comparison.
            • So many people in those areas have to constantly be ready for disaster annually.

              On the other hand, if you live in places like Vancouver ~ you should have a disaster kit by the door in every home due to the chances of earthquake. And in LA it's not just earth quakes but wild fires....

              It seems to me that half the US lurches from one natural disaster to another on a monthly basis. *cringes*
              • It seems to me that half the US lurches from one natural disaster to another on a monthly basis.

                One American scientist said the same thing about New Orleans. It sounded heartless but he asked people why they were shocked it happened when the land was below sea level.
                • That reminds me of something a friend said at university. He was a geography major and commented upon yet another flood along the Mississippi river ..."and so this comes as a surprise to whom when you build your home on a flood plain?"

                  Good point. One that a lot of people seem to be wilfully blind to.
  • I was hoping that you didn't run into any of that nastiness before you got home. We had some wild wind and the rain was coming down in almost horizontal sheets at one point and we had a spectacular display of lightening, but the tornadoes thankfully passed us by.

    And both Lilly and I enjoyed your visit immensely. Thank you for taking to time to come visit *hugs*.
    • Well we sure shouldn't have been surprised that there was going to be some storming going on the way the air was so increadibly oppressive ~ gah....and luckily we dodged the worst of it by a long shot. Glad you guys could watch the show without having to deal with any clean-up too :)

      I had a great time and am still kicking myself for not having brought along a troop of the dolls ~ In hindsight I should have packed up my Elfdoll and Kulta too...but if I recall my logic at the time, I wasn't thinking about the visit but rather a crammed car and transporting SDs without breaking fingers. @_@....of course now I figured out how to do it but at the time I was torn in too many directions.

      Thank-you for having me and hope to hook up again soon. Let me know exactly whom you want to see and I'll bring them along next week if you have the time. I'll be around from Friday on with my resins and no kids in tow.

      • I'd love to see Kulta and, of course, Mizu. Anybody else is icing as far as I'm concerned *grins*. Hmmm. Samiel (sp?) would be cool, too, as I don't think I've ever seen a Lati doll. But whatever you're comfortable carting around is good by me.

        I go back to work on Monday *sigh* and I'm not sure what the plans are for that far in advance so I'll have to get back to you on the exact time. But I would really enjoy another visit *beams*.
        • It wasn't until Lilly mentioned her elfkin that I was doing another mental *DOH* and thinking about my blue RSlings ...including the elfkin sized one.

          *head desk x 10*

          Sam is a Latiblue head on a doublejointed DZ body....how about I bring all the boys along. Kulta, Kai (latired), Samual, Mizu and Turq (the RS blue yosd). :)

          That would give you a fair cross section of the fellas than.

          My husband is now talking about coming up that weekend....so I was wondering if Friday would be good for you or are you working?
          • Ahhh, that's okay. You were tossing things in a bag trying to get going with a house moving around at last minute light speed from the sounds of it. Bring whomever you'd like. I'm mostly interested in Mizu as I intended to get Jun myself for Xmas *determined face & crosses fingers*.

            I'm working Friday *le sigh* and I highly doubt I could make it a half day considering that I'll be coming off a week's vacation. I work until 5pm and usually get home around 5:30. Supper and stuff is usually done by around 7:00 but I don't want to have you wandering about the country side late at night. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Suggestions?
            • Well it's not like I'm chained to the hubber and we do have 2 cars :)

              How is the weekend for you? Are you free at all?
              • Considering we're not quite at this weekend yet, asking me what I'm doing next weekend is... difficult right now. I'm not even sure what I'm doing this Sunday *laughs*. I'll have to speak with the Hubby and see if he has anything in mind. I'll let you know as soon as I know (hopefully with a little lead time for you).
  • Wow, glad you were both OK!
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