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So yesterday the humidity was trying to strangle us and on my way home from visiting Irondog and Crystalily in Oshawa, I was basically racing a thunderstorm.

Didn't quite make it ~ it was a fairly dramatic display of lighting as I sped along the rural highway and then it started to rain. We dashed inside around 6 pm and I was trying to decide what to do.

1) go to the barn in the storm and tend the chickens or
2) wait it out

The problem out here is that if the power goes off due to weather you lose the ability to draw water from the well ~ and while I use the word *well*. it's not the traditional, can climb down into it with a bucket if needbe type. It's a pipe drilled down 75'. No power. No water.

So I cooked Wil his supper and made a cuppa coffee ~ the sound of the rain on the steel roof was spectacular.

He ate.

I had my coffee.

It got darker.

It was 6:30 and I decided we had to go to the barn ~ so off we schlepped in the downpour. Big broad rimmed cowpoke hats keeping the water from running down our necks. Wearing windbreakers against the rain it was a questionable choice as it was so hot you were soaked anyway from sweat.

I filled extra buckets with water just in case the power cut out and wasn't running the next morning.

The chickens fed and watered I closed up the barn and we tromped through the mud back to the house.

We get in.

The phone rings and Teh Bob is telling me there are tornado warnings in my area. I tell him that I might lose the phone line any second....the phone had been funky for the past hour as I couldn't call him before I went to the barn.

Power goes out.

Power goes on.

I call him back...he tells me I got through fine...I said again that the chances of us losing phone due power outage was high when midsentence...

Power goes out again and stays out.

THEN I'm trying to find flashlights in my parents place in the middle of a raging thunderstorm....

I light the oil lamps....

...and we step outside to watch the sky turn various shades of black, green and orange ~ clouds parted north of us and the sun shone large and angry across the landscape ~ turning everything a very funky shade of yellow. My parents home is on a rise, the land overlooking lower areas to the west so they generally can just sit back and *watch* weather come toward them.

The sprog stared at the sky and said;"It's green. That can't be good."

We got rain, and eventually the power came back on...but...other parts of the region apparently got pasted. Picked-up, chewed-over and spat out.

I'm feeling mighty grateful for just being soaked through when doing the chores last night and slightly inconvenienced by the hydro being off.
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