How to cope with SL withdrawl....

How to cope with SL withdrawl....

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Sit back and read the Second Life fashion police blogs.

Thing is....I agree with them.

One thing I noticed in SL quite soon after falling into it and discovering that it's a shopaholics dream come true ~is that a lot of people's fantasy is not to be a neko dude, panda girl, cybernetic steam punk or purple alien.


My first impression was thus:

People want to be bimbos.

HO-bos you might say from the look of the clothing (or lack thereof) that is available and what people wear.

Naturally they are not all aiming to be swinging from poles or standing on a street corner but sometimes you gotta wonder WTF!?

Of course it really doesn't help to discover that a lot of these SLuts are actually men pretending to be their own wetdreams and hoping to hook up for some lesbian cyber smexing.

Am I the only one amused by the idea of a bunch of straight guys jerking each other off as girls in SL?

I think not *^__^*

ANYway.....the fashionistas have a lot of very good points to make about the dos and don'ts of dressing your avatars in SL (I am learning much about how to attach things and where to shop that doesn't cater to the trailer trash set)... when they can dig their pretty little heads out of their own asses.

THIS flikr site is where they share their paparatzzi shots of fug-fashion. Colour me endlessly entertained cause dayum....

Thing is....I don't want to slag someones fantasy...after all, it IS their fantasy so whatever. Yet it so grates on my senses when people actually mess with the sliders (things used to change your avatars regular human shape) until they have severely deformed their characters. NOW I understand why Xan complimented me on the shape of my girl when I first started in SL ~ she murmured that it must be my artist background that allowed me to tweek her proportionally without going overboard like most newbies.

As it is, my boobs are still smaller than most adult female ones in SL and my boys pants don't look like he's got something trying to escape from them, nor do his shoulders require their own areacode. *sighs*
  • As it is, my boobs are still smaller than most adult female ones in SL and my boys pants don't look like he's got something trying to escape from them, nor do his shoulders require their own areacode. *sighs*

    • When I finally gleened that bit of information about so many of the Bimbos being men in RL a lightbulb went off in my head and SO much made sense about certain quarters of SL.

      I think I told you that I got myself a boy skin so the girls would stop hitting on me, right?


      Now I don't think it's weird that men would want to wear female skins in SL...after all, we all love to look at our avs and tweak them and spoil them with pretty clothes so it totally makes sense that a man would want to look at a pretty woman when he goes inworld and moves around.

      Those men are scratching a perfectly natural itch just like the guys who present themselves as musclebound studs do ~ I suppose the guys who's female AV has boobs the size of toddlers are no different than the guys that could be bouncers and stuff a third leg down their trousers. Each is living a visual fantasy.......problem with SL is that others get to see it and it might be their visual nightmare.

      If psychologists aren't doing studies on people/AVs then they are missing out on a world of amazing stuff in SL....it could keep them busy for decades trying to decipher the collective imaginations of people >D
    • SL is like tapping directly into people's ID.

  • Dang. If I had known SL would allow me to be super tacky, I would have joined a long time ago. <== not sarcasm. :D My inner being wants a doublewide trailer decorated with ducks!
    • ....I can make you one.


      .....and in one incarnation, I do actually live in a wraeththu-inspired hovel next to a trailer.....
      • You know this is all a really good point ~ aside from ignorance about hot to make your AV wear clothes that don't seem to be growing into your skin....in a way SL does provide a place where we can just go and let the fashion mistakes or crazy ideas run free.

        One persons trash is another persons treasure. *heh*

        ....and I still like my stylish, sparkling shoes. I don't wear them anymore but I like the idea of twinkling toes >D

    • You know that reminds me...at some point I'm getting myself a animal Avatar.

      Several friends have critter shaps that they run around in....I like the idea of just bounding around as a dog or even better a raven.

      OH and speaking of ducks....there seems to be a game in there where you can run around chasing ducks. I keep meaning to ask about it. That and chicken ranching seem to be an widespread inside joke (or hobby du jour) in SL. >D

      • Hee, I have an awesome black wolf AV I will show you (even if he does end up sniffing people's crotches for some reason) and a friend has a brilliant crow one too!
        • *sniffing crotches*....bwahahahahah!

          Well I guess it's a canine thing to do >D

          Yesterday I was watching the sprog and Teh Bob play a bit of ball (practice pitching/hitting) and felt something cold on my calf. Looking down one of the cats was sniffing my leg and stuck nose to HIS butt was the dog. It created all kinds of images of a daisy chain sniff along and your comment just transposed that to SL >D
  • OMG! Those proportions!
    • I don't want everyone to look like barbie dolls (Heaven forbid) but ....with the amazing technology that is at their fingertips do they have to look like lego people?

      *face palm*

      Yeah...the boobs drive me nuts. What is worse is the oily boobs.....or oily skin covered in sparkling, retina scarring bling that sparkles brighter than the Vegas strip.

      • *Shudders*

        Oh yeah, the OILED-UP look. I have a VERY dear friend, a nice gay German chappy who I met once as he wandered around the now defunct Immanion sim and who I chat to probably about once every five or six weeks. He DOES tend to go for the screamingly-gay-oiled-speedo look and half the time I find myself musing on whether anyone could ever actually hold on to him without him slipping away like wet soap, but...he's such an adorable and friendly chap, I end up forgetting about the ghastly look!

        • *^___^*

          Well I assume that once you are fully engaged in an adventure or conversation that your mind is distracted from the *greased piggy* look >D

          There is no accounting for taste which is why I'm sure why people surly roll their eyes at my cat in a kimono >D

          I got a tshirt for my boy that says 'it's all about the kitty' and in the end I guess that's the point. It's FUN! Ugly as sin or too sex for the clothes (assuming there are any) it's whatever makes the person pushing the cursor happy. :)
          • Yes, once you get talking you DO forget the oddness of someone's av usually, but I guess it's no different to chatting to the guy in the street who insists on coming his hair over his bald spot, or the lady who has no dress sense at all - you forget after five minutes!
            • I think for a lot of it you can get past it....but some of the *bling* is pretty intense and if I was staring at a pair of nipples that were threatening to put my eyes out I think I'd just not be able to be distracted by anything but the urge to get away from the dangerous ojects >D

              Okay so can you explain what is up with the bling....the sparkly stuff. Some is surely overdone but Xan took me aside and told me to find a pair of shoes that didn't twinkle asap when I first went inworld ..and now I've discovered delicious shoe shops and an enjoying them immensely ...but...why the bias? If you don't want to be marked as a newbie lose the bling but why is it so reviled?
      • *laughs*
        Creativity is a dangerous thing in the hands of some people.
  • Oh yes, indeed, all of it. Being a largely androgynous hara is most entertaining. I did make a T-shirt once that said 'I am not a girl' on the front and 'and I'm not a boy either' on the back to wear at...those places where said He-men and Bimbos frequent.

    The other day I was buying an (AWESOME) female-but-endrogynous-enough-to-look-mean-and-Uigenna-ish' outfit at AVid and some kind soul said to me 'er...aren't you in the wrong section? This is the women's bit' THEN apologised profusely having read my profile (androgynous har)! Heh, she was nice actually and then went on to advise on the best look for me!

    I must post some pictures...

    And yes, the whole shoulders-the-size-of-small-moons thing - a friend of mine, male irl, said that the only way to make a decent smaller male shape is to use a female base, because the shoulders and shoulder-blades look utterly ridiculous as soon as you try and shrink them - that together with arms that wouldn't look out of place on a gorilla!

    • OH that is brilliant *the tshirt* and I have half expected people to comment when I'm browsing in a place for my other half so to speak, and wondered what to say.

      I think of my AV like a kitsune goddess in an anime I watched this year. The spirit is so old it doesn't even remember what gender it is nor care ~ it just shifts between shapes to suit it's mood or desires.

      Yes pictures pictures pictures. I have myself just had an epiphany about the photo-opps that the place can provide and am wiggly with enthusiasm to plan photoshoots for my AV

      That aside ~ I know of what your friend speaks on the decend smaller male shape and Xan and I had conversations to this effect before I even joined. Kulta is of course a female base and it was really easy to make her a him in the slender definately male proportions when I slapped a boy skin on. It just occured to me that this is why I have trouble with collars and I will have to keep an eye on it when shopping....my boy has a thicker neck than his fem half but is not built like a gorilla.

      *misses playing with her kitten*
      • Mmm yes, photoshoots. I will have to introduce you to my friend Crubo, who is a HUGE photoshoot person. He's found some amazing places and very keen on the opportunities SL offers. He did a nice video of my old house by the sea.

        When we are in together I'll have to drag you over to my hovel and show you my gun. Nods.
        • DEFINATELY grab me and show off your post apocolypitic toys :)

          I won't be home till the 5th ...I don't think....my parents didn't know when they would be back from their driving trip but my father is sure to keep me here till then.....and then won't be allowed to play until the 6th at the very earliest ...maybe before that but I can't plan that far ahead to know what the family is going to be about as the summer finishes and the household gets ready for a new school year in three directions (primary, high school and uni)

          • Sounds very cool and I'll definitely do that!
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