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How to cope with SL withdrawl....

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Sit back and read the Second Life fashion police blogs.

Thing is....I agree with them.

One thing I noticed in SL quite soon after falling into it and discovering that it's a shopaholics dream come true ~is that a lot of people's fantasy is not to be a neko dude, panda girl, cybernetic steam punk or purple alien.


My first impression was thus:

People want to be bimbos.

HO-bos you might say from the look of the clothing (or lack thereof) that is available and what people wear.

Naturally they are not all aiming to be swinging from poles or standing on a street corner but sometimes you gotta wonder WTF!?

Of course it really doesn't help to discover that a lot of these SLuts are actually men pretending to be their own wetdreams and hoping to hook up for some lesbian cyber smexing.

Am I the only one amused by the idea of a bunch of straight guys jerking each other off as girls in SL?

I think not *^__^*

ANYway.....the fashionistas have a lot of very good points to make about the dos and don'ts of dressing your avatars in SL (I am learning much about how to attach things and where to shop that doesn't cater to the trailer trash set)... when they can dig their pretty little heads out of their own asses.

THIS flikr site is where they share their paparatzzi shots of fug-fashion. Colour me endlessly entertained cause dayum....

Thing is....I don't want to slag someones fantasy...after all, it IS their fantasy so whatever. Yet it so grates on my senses when people actually mess with the sliders (things used to change your avatars regular human shape) until they have severely deformed their characters. NOW I understand why Xan complimented me on the shape of my girl when I first started in SL ~ she murmured that it must be my artist background that allowed me to tweek her proportionally without going overboard like most newbies.

As it is, my boobs are still smaller than most adult female ones in SL and my boys pants don't look like he's got something trying to escape from them, nor do his shoulders require their own areacode. *sighs*
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