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One can justify anything if they look at it from the right angle...

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When I started in SL it was only a matter of time before I would start to want a place to call my own in order to play at terraforming.

It would also be a nice to have a place to call my own ~ where I could park my AV when I am eventually learning to build things and reading info inworld....and a place to get her/him nekked and change clothes without being in public.

Now my place is open to the public and I'm hardly worried about modesty, so someone seeing Kulta starkers isn't the issue. It's a matter of not being rude and stripping down in someones backyard.

ANYway ~ no surprise Xan's husband had a pretty piece of real estate waiting for me.

I have of course been spoiled. I don't have to deal with *griefers* (SL Trolls) or nasty neigbours due to the fact that I have common lands all around me, a sensible covenant and law abiding neighbours and awesome terrain to work with.

So I pay rent (not remotely high by SL standards either...hence le spoiled kitty am I) and when I mentioned this to Teh Bob, his eyes bugged out. The gears in his brain froze up solid and then he quietly told me I was INSANE to pay for vapor.


I told him that the definition of *vapor* is all relative. He went to a NHL playoff game in NYC this spring. The tickets/flight etc were not cheap. What he spent in 24 hours could buy me 3 YEARS of vapor. I will get a whole lot more play and enjoyment if you count dollars = hours than he did for something that is no more *real* than pushing cursors around in an online environment. He wasn't playing the hockey game...he was just watching and enjoying it with a friend...how is that different from what I'm doing?

I also mentioned that this particular hobby is cheaper than dolls.

Without missing a beat he told me he'd rather I bought more dolls than payed for something that didn't really exist.


I want that in writing...because it's not like I'm not TEMPTED!

Seriously ~ really am tempted but will hold the line at the pack I have right now as I await the arrival of my lastest two (whom I ordered in May)... and while I'm planning another (I want to recreate my Av as a doll) I am not going to let impulse guide me.

AND that becomes interestingly simple enough to accomplish by just doing the math and realize that: 1 Doll = 5 months of shopping inworld (I give myself a weekly allowance) or 18 months SL rent.*

Suddenly the play value of another doll doesn't quite make sense...even if I can hold it in my hot little hands. Especially when I have so many that are mid project and I'm happy with.

Kulta is a doll too, but one that can literally interact with other peoples dolls and I can accumulate a closet of outfits for at a fraction of the cost.

If NOTHING else, SL has stopped me from endlessly snooping around doll shoppes online. OH I keep updated on what is available but the habit has been replaced with snooping around clothing shops in SL. It satisfies the need without making the wallet scream for mercy.

I'm not going to say that's a good thing....it's just less of a bad thing. ;)
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