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1. They are out for delivery!

2. Irondog has moved mountains (yes dear you have) to be available for another visit this week!

3. A seller I trust had an old CP Luts Lishe (far left, before Minifees became exlusively Fairyland turf) girl in the skintone I was gunning after, for sale this morning at a very good price.

I say she *had* because I'm bringing my Avatar base home. Spotted Leopard girl prowrrrr is a go!


Yes freaking hopeless but I did say I was planning on it and the CDN $ is up and the cost was a $150 US less than buying it new from FL.

Ariss that makes 23. I am made of fail but happy fail.
  • *grins*
    Hey, as long as it makes you happy.
    • Happy on a few levels....the least of them being I no longer have an excuse in my head to troll doll forums or shops.

      I will await the announcement of cat ears/tail from Fairlyland via Featherfall's Twitter but beyond that I just set up a road block for myself that should force me to finish doll projects.

      Famous last words that are oft repeated by yours truly. =__=
      • Seriously, you have how many dolls waiting for your attention?^_^

        I wanted to ask you soemthing. I thought ResinSoul and Bobobie were the same company. This sculpt Fei: http://www.featherfall.ca/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=226_228&products_id=1932

        Is it offered by BB too? Or an RS exclusive? Do you know?
        • Too many actually.

          I recognize my bad habit about collecting in this. Like buying books I 'll get around to reading. HENCE I need a reason to stay away from doll forums and site shoppes. I have no backbone whatsoever.

          Here I was waiting for the school year to end and the household has been no less busy than when it was going full speed ahead so again I a wait for school to start so I can reclaim a semblence of the house to myself.

          I am an idiot.

          THAT factoid aside....RS & BBB are sister companies. I don't know the specifics beyond that they share sculptors and probably factory space etc....sort of like Luts/CP/Fairyland. The bodies are different but the heads the same.

          Fei is a RS sculpt but like most of the new heads they will eventually migrate over to BBB if history is any indication. I prefer the delicacy of the RS bodies though. Prettier hands and better sculpting of the torso and legs (at least to my tastes)

          IF you were wanting that on a BBB body then you might have to wait a few months but they generally all migrate.
          • *winces*
            Yeah, it's easy to fall into the trap of postponing things. I had a book I bought in 2001 and only read last month. The pages yellowed^^

            I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your dolls. You've got a good artistic sense for the process.

            Ah, okay. I can wait till DDE stocks her in BBB.
  • Nah, I didn't move mountains. And yea! for out for delivery. Mine just says they've arrived at the delivery office which means... I have no idea but i'm hoping today or tomorrow for delivery.

    So the no more new dolls for a while thing lasted how long exactly *snicker*? Good deal though on getting it for $150 cheaper than brand new. Go you!
    • AND the arrived while I was in transit.

      Just got back to the farm with two kiddies in tow ~ sent them off to play with their bionicles and settled down to open the boxes. Oh dear the Littlefee are a wonderful YoSD size. The Pukifee is actually a lot less intimidating than a puki itself and I do like the size very much, in particular with the larger head on it, rather than the multi head. Yeah got the pukisha cat head I requested too and the cupid freebie face plate :)

      Of course I have no way to upload pix till later but you'll see them on Friday.

      I brought up with me Kulta, Kai, Samual, Mizu and Turq...plus these two so it definately will be an invasion so warn the better half :)

      I just got a note from the seller who overestimated the shipping and refunding me $8 US. The price just got better ;)

      Hopefully you will have your doll in your hands today :)

      As for no new dolls....well she isn't technically new is she? (details details)....and I did say I was going to get a girl for the Second Life Av before the end of the year. Well I guess it's Christmas in September >D

      Remind me to tell you all my thoughts on Iplehouse and Souldoll when we see each other....and why it sort of suddenly happened that I now own a Luts doll.

      ....something I never thought I would actually say if you must know. 0__o.....
      • Awesome dolly day. Kys was indeed in the mail and the card was delivered today. Hubby was kind enough to bring it to me at work (I'd have picked up the card and gone and gotten him anyway *grins*.

        He stands like a trooper straight out of the box, came with an extra pair of hands and has the most lovely set of eyes as the company defaults. I swear if I didn't have his permanent default eyes (and his character all planned out) I'd keep those eyes for him. The cat ears are freaking adorable and I can't wait to get him all done up proper with only the cat ears and a face up.

        I will warn the Hubby *laughs*.
        • YAY for an all round awesome dolly day !!

          I wouldn't worry about the eyes, there is surely another doll in your future that they will work for or you can sell them. I am really looking forward to meeting him :)

          When my tribe descends on your household we can have a real good look over of the boys....and one girl (heh)

          I'm really keen on seeing these ears :)
          • They're just the right size for an MSD (I think they're available for SD's as well). I'm really glad he arrived today AND that I'll be able to see him standing next to Mizu so I can get the full effect.

            He's a cheeky little thing *laughs*. he just needs a proper wig now. I do have a question about that for you....

            I plunked a 7/8 wig I had originally bought for Kijika when he was going to be an MSD. tried that on Kys and it seems a little big. Measured his head circumference and it came up as 7 1/8" (or 7 1/4" if you're a little generous). I wanted to get him a wig from Cotin and their sizes are listed as 7"-7.5". I'm not sure that'll fit him though *frowns*. Thoughts?
            • Who was the seller (distributor) of the Camilla Dynasty dolls? Their site is up and down like a jack rabbit apparently...*Sighs*

              Ah the wig....

              Sizing wigs and shoes will be the death of me in this hobby. There is no standard it would seem.

              I think that Cotin wig should fit him ~ when they are that exacting it means that there is a bit of stretch but not a lot. A 7/8 definately has more stretch and would be too big. I'd not go smaller than a 7 though....tempting to get a 6.5-7 would only mean it probably would be too snug and liable to pop off or not get down over his skull in the first place.
              • yeah, I saw that they were down again (and have been for several days now). Whomever the seller is that owns the site, they're prompt about replying to emails and Kys is a lovely little guy *pets new cat-boy*.

                It tweaks me something horrible that there isn't a standard size for BJD's with regards to heads/bodies/feet with the makers of the dolls AND the makers of the clothes/shoes. I understand that each company hand makes the dolls and that they do fit into a size range, but... it's frustrating as hell to try and get wigs/shoes.

                I had been wondering about the 6.5-7 thing but was hesitant because his head is bigger than 7" and I don't want to get him a wig only to have it not fit. I know the wig I got for Kijika from Cotin fits beautifully and the feel of the wig is just gorgeous. There's also the fact that the wig I want/think is perfect for Kys is from Cotin as well as the boots I think are just his style are being sold there, too.

                I guess it should be noted that the temp wig on Kys right now is of unknown maker (I got it from Mint On Card on sale) and it may hedge to the larger size of 7/8.
                • You can usually mod something smaller. You can never make something bigger so it's best to err on a few mm up rather than down.

                  Wigs....I am very disappointed with the Fairyland wigs. I like the fact that they have a sewn in metal plate in the wigcap so it stays firm on the head but the quality ....well you'll see. Not a happy person.

                  *sighs*....which in the end means I might have to make a wig order. Not a BAD thing but annoying. I found 4 wigs for all four new dollies there that should be perfect...I just wasn't mentally prepared for it. At least Cancan has very reasonable shipping prices and I found all of the items I wanted on the one site.

                  • *nods* One of the nice things about Cotin is the lack of hideous shipping for a company that is overseas. Up to 4 wigs is something like $8US for shipping. Considering the quality and selection of the wigs, and that they ship nice and quick (about a week), too, I like dealing with them. If they'd had a wig in the style/colour/size I wanted for Moswen, I'd have bought from them in a heartbeat.

                    They also give an interior shoe/boot measurement on the site and the boots I want are 6cm which is what Kys' feet are *grins*. The boots would be his exclusively as Moswen and Jaiseki have bigger feet than that (going with the big feet/big package theme that AoD has *snicker*).

                    Tightening up a wig a little can be done fairly easily (I'd seen some tutorials on youtube/DoA) but making a too small wig bigger... not so much.

                    You could always stitch the metal plate into the new wig from the old one. Or put something suitable in the new wig to act the same way. I had a peek at the inside of one of the wigs when you brought your dolls and it seems do-able.
                    • Yep....that's the same from CanCan. $7 for 1-5 wigs. Like that shipping price a LOT. :)

                      So beats the $30+ for one thing you get with other companies.

                      I am also annoyed that so many companies only give the exterior measurement for shoes or worse...say they are MSD or SD or whatever. WTF is that supposed to mean in a world of 50 resin doll companies. I keep a list of what size my dolls feet are by the pc when actively shopping for such things but that doesn't help me when doll companies or shoe makers are too lazy to cough up the info you need.

                      Heh..yeah those AoD boys are definately blessed in the contents of their shorts >D

                      I was thinking the same thing about just sewing or hot gluing a thin metal plate into the wig under a slip of silk so that the wig would stay nicely on the head of my guy. Love that about the puki engineering. Some things they do brilliantly well. Actually they do a lot of things really well....heh. Just not neccessarily making the wigs ontop of the mesh >D
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