Back from the city....

Back from the city....

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It was a quiet 18 hours while it lasted.

Teh Sprog has his buddy up with him 'til Thursday which means I'll have to put a bit more thought into the meals...but 9 year old boys are generally grazing locusts and will inhale anything shoved in front of them so they can get back to playing.

My box with dolls had indeed arrived by the time I reached homebase.

The Fairyland Pukifee Elf Shiwoo and Littlefee Elf Chiwoo are utterly and scrumptiously adorable .... if I thought to wee 11 cm puki could pose, it doesn't (but should) prepare one for the amazing posing ability of the larger models. The engineering behind these little guys is amazing.

Not only do they pose wonderfully but they are pretty when they do so....as in they have VERY pretty knees and elbow joints when they kneel etc....unlike most dolls which pop joints or have square *wretch* bendy parts.

I am now, officially, a hardcore Fairyland Fan. I'm safe from any more pukifee...one that middle tiny size is enough. I can't say I wouldn't bounce on another elfling Littlefee though... *stares at posing doll in awe*....so well made and so exquiste. I am so doomed to be sure if they include one in the line-up at for their holiday promos.

Aside from counting any resins prior to being hatched...these two are definately siblings...she just looks like she is ready to scold her bratty little brother at the drop of a hat. Kulta and Tuuli finally have their family....and what a pair they are! *^__^*

As an aside....the used doll I purchased this morning is a Fairyland doll aswell, as the company is under the the creative umbrella that includes three doll companies that work together FL, CP and Luts and designed/engineered this particular doll sold by the latter.
  • Pics, woman! Pics! XD
    • I have camera. I have computer.

      I simply have no way to get the images from my camera to my parents computer.

      They will have to wait till I get home. :(

      But then I can seriously spam you and by then the Lishe will have arrived too....I hope.

      *looks at sunny day*...you know I should spray those two today.

      *nods to self*...yes that would be a very good idea
  • So, um, could I put in a request for those of us non-dolly folk who are still trying to play the game and follow along from home but are drowning in nameology/terminology?

    Would it be possible to do a bio post (or several) featuring a pic of each doll with their name, gender, who you've paired them with or related them to, and genus/species/size/type (Fairyland Pukifee Elf Shiwoo, SJD, 11 cm, resin) *for example use only*

    Please? *wibbly puppy eyes*
    • *chuckles*

      Sure. I've made a note to do exactly that when I get home.

      In fact I can start working on it in a locked post and when I get home I can include the photos of the said characters.

      It probably would do me some good too, to make sense of the universe I'm creating >D
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