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All in the family

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Yesterday I started on the doll list [info]drichrequested, for those following my madness but not familiar with the items and going cross-eyed from all my references out of context.

As I'm not at home I can't add photos to go with the items and I have to start hunting up heights that I don't know off the top of my head.

At this point I have them listed in alphabetical order by maker / model. If you prefer I can set them alphabetically by character name.

Let me know if there are any preferences.

When I get around to adding the photo thumbnails I'll put the entire thing under a lj~cut but for the time being I'll just be working on it as is.

*wish I could recall the html in IJ for tables...need to see if I can't scrounge that up*

...HAH...answered my own question with the *other* way of posting. I usually use do my own coding within a post. DUH.

Icky rainy day around here. Good thing I planned to take the sprog and his buddy to town for a buffet feast lunch (Teh Sprogs favourite restaurant) and then off to see that GI Joe movie. Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous .... it would have been a waste of a day to spend it in a theatre >D

*stares at bottom off coffee cup*....and that would be the signal that it's time for me to go to the barn and count some chickens...
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