Dolly list Version 2

Dolly list Version 2

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 SUBobobie ~ Ariel MSD ~ resin43 cmF Fire Element 
 SIMON KOIVUBambicrony Elf ~ Kumi YoSD ~ resin27 cmMForest Elf ~ younger
brother of Tuuli
 KULTA HANNUCP Luts ~ Lishe minifeeMSD ~ resin41 cmF3-D version of
my Second Life
neko avatar
 KOHLDollzone ~ HidMSD ~ resin44 cmMPoet ~ half demon
companion of Willow
Dollzone ~ Shoyo 3MSD ~ resin43 cmFNeko girl ~ younger sister of Kulta Velvetpaw, companion of Kohl 
 KULTA VELVETPAWDollzone ~ Floy 2SD ~ resin61 cmMNeko Boy ~
 Scholar, husband  of Tuuli,
 brother to Willow,
father of Aamu & Kuu
Elfdoll ~  Aurora LE40SD ~ resin57 cmFForest Elf ~
Wife of Kulta,
sister of Simon,
mother of Aamu & Kuu
 TAKARA RYUElfdoll ~ HazySD ~ resin57 cmFYakuza princess ~ older, half-sister to Kai 
 ROSEElfdoll ~ Doona: Little Soah Tiny ~ resin20 cmF  
 AAMU VELVETPAWFairyland ~ LittleFee Chiwoo Elf YoSD
~ resin
25cmFDaughter of Kulta & Tuuli 
 PIKKUFairyland Puki ~PongpongTiny ~ resin11 cmMForest sprite 
 PIPFairyland Puki ~  Piki
Tiny ~ resin11 cmMForest sprite 
 PLUMFairyland Puki ~ PipiTiny ~ resin11 cmFForest sprite 
 KUU VELVETPAWFairyland ~ Pukifee ShiwooTiny ~ resin15.5 cmMSon of Kulta & Tuuli 
 SAGANO KAILati Red ~ L SD ~ resin63 cmM Yakuza Heir ~ half brother of Ryu 
 SAMUAL AALTOLati Blue Rei head / DZ MSD new body MSD ~ resin 44 cmMMerchant Mariner 
 VIVIANObitsu 60cm GretelSD ~ vinyl60 cmF1940's film star 
 CLAUDETTEObitsu 55cm / Volks DDI torsoHarukaSD ~ vinyl55 cmF1930's film star 
 INARIObitsu 50cm
SD ~ vinyl50 cmFKitsune ~ Harvest Goddess 
 DUDEObitsu muscular maleTiny  ~ vinyl27 cmM
Brother to Monk  ~ he abides
 MONKObitsu muscular maleTiny  ~vinyl27 cmMCoroporate Executive ~ brother to Dude 
 AKAObitsu female ~ nano haruka headTiny ~ vinyl21 cmF
Red Kitsune messenger to Inari
KUROObitsu female ~ nano gretel headTiny ~ vinyl21 cmFBlack Kitsune Messenger to Inari 
 MARIAObitsu female ~ clearTiny ~ plastic / vinyl25 cmFAndroid 
 TURQResinsoul ~ Bao YoSD ~ resom28 cmMWater sprite ~ brother of Azul & Lapis 
 AZULResinsoul ~ Bei YoSD ~ resin27 cmFWater sprite ~ sister of Turq & Lapis 
 MIZUResinsoul ~ Jun MSD ~ resin43 cmM Water element ~ in love with Samual 
 SORAResinsoul ~ Mei MSD ~ resin40 cmF Sky element 
 LAPISResinsoul  ~ Yu Tiny ~ resin14 cmMWater sprite ~ bother of Turq & Azul 
 POCAFelixdoll Brownie ~ Adele
Tiny  ~ resin 11 cmFMeadow sprite  
 PEPITAFelixdoll Brownie ~ Angel
Tiny - resin11 cmFMeadow sprite 
 PENNIFelixdoll Brownie ~ Momo
Tiny ~ resin11 cm FMeadow sprite 
 MR. OMEGATriad ~ OmegaTiny ~ vinyl28 cmMCorporate Muscle ~ in lust with Dude / employee of Monk 
  • Wow! And I thought my eventual Resin Army (tm) plans were a lot at roughly 12-14 dolls (2 are just because dolls and not character dolls so their homecoming only happens if I have excess cash just hanging about *snorts*).

    Very cool listing though. What impresses me even more is that these are actually all dolls you currently have in your possession *boggles*.

    Then again, I never thought I'd have 4 dolls of my own either never mind the dozen I sort of plan for *shifty eyes*. And no, the Hubby doesn't know about all the rest (with the exception of Jolen).
    • I agree with you on the *wow* part....mostly though because I figured that 2 - 4 would be my max (small vinyls aside) in my possesion...not... *points upward*...that.

      (so not seeing Japan for a long time)

      I realized soon enough that I'm a doll omnivour and it's a BAD thing to like all sizes.

      I should feel horrible guilt about the....but... I know how much my husbands' mid-life crisis cost(s) and I could do this all over again x 5 and still know that I'm not nearly as nuts as he is.

      It's a small comfort but one I cling to in order to rationalize that list.

      I don't quite know what the husband would say if he could see them all in one place at the same time....mind you, all I'd have to do is jingle a pair of car keys and he'd clam up tight and say nothing at all. >D

      • *laughs* I'm fortunate that I only buy dolls that I see as characters of mine and a good majority of my characters could never be dolls as there simply isn't a body type that would evenly remotely work. And for whatever reason, there's just some characters that don't call out to me in doll form. I'm not sure why but my wallet is freaking happy about that.

        I have my little resin vice and the Hubby has his vices and it all works out in the end so....
        • Whatever the reason you are wise to hold the line firm to the characters in your head and equally lucky they are not all available in resin I guess.
  • I think I should print this out and study it as a reference guide! XD
    • .....you know....I'd suspect you were mocking me *cough*...except that I'm glad I did this and refer to it for *at a glance* facts. I'll probably print one up with shoe, eye, wig and body sizes for myself too.

      *head desk*
      • But I'm not.. which is a comment on my sad, sad state! XD
        • YOUR sad state?

          ...... Imagine MY sad state!

          I OWN all these things!!

          • *laughs*
            You want me to feel sorry for you because you own lots of pretty dolls? *blinks innocently* No can do! XD
            • *grins wickedly*

              Heh. The time is fast approaching when you too will stare at a herd of tiny fashionista minions and think....'no wait, just how did I end up with so many...I was just going to get one...maybe two!?'

              Havings said that, I will admit tht the only reason I don't feel guilt is the fact that they aer so utterly pretty and make me sigh happilly when I look at the lot of them. >D

              • *grins*
                I have 19 already, no.20 is on her way, and 5 are in storage until I redecorate and get Ikea units. I'm past the stage of wondering how I got so many and into the one where I wonder if I'm insane and wehre I'm going to display 'em all^_^

                the only reason I don't feel guilt is the fact that they aer so utterly pretty and make me sigh happilly when I look at the lot of them.

                I bet that's what a lot of doll owners think^_~
                • *taps fingers on table*

                  You know you are going to have to make a chart now.....so others can keep track of your dolls >D

                  AND yep...doll owners are brilliant at rationalizing.
                  • *chuckles*
                    The Ex-Cute doll has shipped so I should have that family photo in a week or so^_^

                    I'm going to make a chart but mainly to remind myself that I have a lot of dolls and should try to stop buying more!
                    • ....well we know how well that worked with me.

                      I hope you have better luck >D
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