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Saw GI Joe the movie today.

While I watched and my brain partitioned itself to sort out things I have to do for the rest of the week I will admit that it could have been very much worse.

First off, I fully acknowledge it's a two hour toy promo. I KNOW what I was getting into long before my butt settled into the theatre seat.

Read a review of this film when it was first released that basically said that if a movie critic is dissing this thing they are missing the point ~ YES it's as messy as a 9 year olds room and makes about as much sense as the stories 9 years olds make-up when they play with GI Joe toys....it is what it is and it is boomboom fluff.

I saw this film with a pair of 9 year old boys.

The same boys who have been running around the house busily building and then destroying bionicles for three days now in wars of good vs evil. Much boom boom is involved in the imaginatary conflagulations.

The dialogue and/or plot in the film sounded very much like what I'd been listening to for the past three days.

I don't need to tell you that the boys sat still, wide-eyed and grinning the entire film.

Critics be damned, someone hit the mark dead on. These boys wanted to see things go BOOM in really cool ways and they left quite satisfied with the experience.

ANYone over the age of twelve (unless you are a female who MUST have a Channing Tatum fix, which is it's own kind of boomboom) are advised to find some other way to spend $10.
  • *raises hand* I saw GI Joe and liked it. I didn't have then nor do I know now, who this Channing person is. I figured it was a chance to see shit blow up and cool weapons and possibly get treated to some eye candy. I was not disappointed.
    • Heh....I'm all for blowing things up and loved the transformer movies but this one just really had trouble keeping me engaged.

      *shrugs*....I think they really lost me when they said the floor was sensitive to any pressure so the solution to crossing it was to do so on finger tip. What...gravity stopped working and Snake-eyes suddenly weighed nothing?

      ANNNYWay it's all entertaining and I wasn't trying to dig my eyes out with a spork which some films have threatened to drive me to >D

      Channing Tatum I ONLY know because I have teenage daughers who swoon at the mention of his name....*gag*....he was in a VERY popular ghetto teen dance flick, Step up

      For really deep writing and battlefield porn I prefer the more philosophical; 300. ;)
      • See I saw 300 and the style of cinematography irritated me to the point that I turned the channel despite the sea of well muscled, half naked bodies flooding my screen.

        Then again, I like zombie movies and alien movies and the best have aliens, zombies AND shit blowing up with a car chase or two just for shits and giggles.
        • *^___^* You and my son obviously share similar tastes in movies....although I admit I do feed his habit, even if I don't watch the things myself.

          *preens*....after all I did introduce him to Godzilla (the original) and Shaun of the Dead >D

          One reason I love 300 is because it so lovingly recreates the graphic novel, down to the grainy paper / sepia textured imagery. But then when it comes to manga/comics/GNs I'm a bit nutty.

          Ah one mans cheese is another man's dirty sock it would seem. Viva la difference! :)
          • I love Shaun of the dead (although my Boy seems to have misplaced my DVD of it *scowls*).

            Oh, hey on a tangent, I saw a full length MSD sized mirror at a local store.

            They've only got the one left and it's on sale for $15! I'd get it for myself, but I've got zero place to put it *pouts*. Interested?
            • *0__0!!

              Oh my yes I definately would. Could you pick that up and I pay you back or direct me to it? :)
              • Sure thing. The guy at the store said his wife would be interested in seeing my dolls (I'd missed her y like 10 minutes *laughs*) so I was planning on popping by with Moswen (and maybe Kijika) tomorrow so I can pick it up then.

                He also said the company that makes that mirror also makes other doll sized furniture (likely MSD sized stuff I'm guessing) and that he might be able to get a catalogue with the other stuff listed. he said a good deal of it is cribs/bassinets but I did see something about rocking chairs on the tag....

                Annnd just so you know, the mirror typically goes for $30 so I would assume the other furniture would be in roughly the same range (if you were interested in any). This mirror is half price as it's the last one he has and I think he just wants to clear the stock.
                • I wonder if they have couches or armchairs?

                  Having said that, I think this mirror will make a fun prop with the kimono/obi displays and dolls.

                  You are going to laugh when I show up with multiple pieces of luggage tomorrow >D

                  • The Hubby asked where mine was when I came home with it *laughs*. I've got nowhere to put something that size (even though it's small).

                    Nah, I totally get the multi-luggages filled with dolly stuff *laughs*.
                    • Heh.....was he worried or wistful? Poor boy is just not going to be surprised by anything, is he?

                      Was the lady in question at the shop today and did you take your boy to show him off?

                      Oi...I'd never dare go to an event with this many bodies >D

                      • The lady was there and she was quite fascinated by my boys. I'm going to send her some doll links shortly *grins*.
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