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Go Joe

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Saw GI Joe the movie today.

While I watched and my brain partitioned itself to sort out things I have to do for the rest of the week I will admit that it could have been very much worse.

First off, I fully acknowledge it's a two hour toy promo. I KNOW what I was getting into long before my butt settled into the theatre seat.

Read a review of this film when it was first released that basically said that if a movie critic is dissing this thing they are missing the point ~ YES it's as messy as a 9 year olds room and makes about as much sense as the stories 9 years olds make-up when they play with GI Joe toys....it is what it is and it is boomboom fluff.

I saw this film with a pair of 9 year old boys.

The same boys who have been running around the house busily building and then destroying bionicles for three days now in wars of good vs evil. Much boom boom is involved in the imaginatary conflagulations.

The dialogue and/or plot in the film sounded very much like what I'd been listening to for the past three days.

I don't need to tell you that the boys sat still, wide-eyed and grinning the entire film.

Critics be damned, someone hit the mark dead on. These boys wanted to see things go BOOM in really cool ways and they left quite satisfied with the experience.

ANYone over the age of twelve (unless you are a female who MUST have a Channing Tatum fix, which is it's own kind of boomboom) are advised to find some other way to spend $10.
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