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Drove Teh Sprog and his buddy home this morning.

Tossed the limp and mold contents of the fridge into the garbage (would it kill these people to eat the fruit I buy them without my having to prep it first?) and went to the grocery store while Teh Bob, Middling and sprog went to the gym for a workout.

Came home, filled the fridge and then: hard boiled 2 1/2 dozen eggs (that I'd been aging to this end), made a salad, cleaned and hulled a few pints of strawberries and put those in the fridge and grilled two halves of fresh salmon.

While I was waiting for the latter to cook, I had enough time to jump online and into SL (Sildil that is why you might have seen me in there) and had a notice from my favourite kimono shop that they had a anniversary kimono for sale (bargin price) and were part of some fashion hunt which netted me another stunning kimono.

So my 20 minutes online were spent scoring virtual kimono.

I am so pathetic.

*ponders all the moldy fruit I threw into the garbage atop all the take out they'd bought*

....but then so are they. =__= Seriously people. Two pieces of bread and a slice of ham is not rocket science.

ANYway....Salmon was ready. Family came home. I did a few more quick chores before jumping back in the car to turn around and sit for another 2 hours at 120km/hr while my brain curdled in boredom.

Having my second coffee of the day now (at 5 pm) as I don't like to drink java while on the road and then start fretting about having to let it out when I get stuck in a traffic jam.

When said coffee is finished I'm off to burn the household trash then water/feed the cluckettes in the barn and contemplate picking dill for drying.

Tomorrow morning I really should scrub the tiles in the sauna for my mother before I head off to see Irondog with my dollies in tow...

*Irondog + resins = WOOT*

Need I tell you how MUCH I am looking forward to adult interaction about topics I'm interested in?

Thought not.
  • I am soooooo looking forward to tomorrow. And I can totally feel for you on the not having a drink of whatever before a 2 hour ride. Got a bladder the size of a gerbil's I swear.
    • I think our bladders get smaller the older we get.

      I also get paranoid about being able to find a bathroom so I get very cautious about the amount of liquids I put in...mind you, how is it that you can have a single cup of coffee and end up with about 3? Never ceases to amaze me. *0__o!!
      • Very possible *nods*. Although I think that's also only a chick thing. The Hubby can go the whole damn day with needing a bathroom break and he'll be chugging down glass after glass of water/iced tea/whatever. I have one freaking cup of coffee at like 7 am and end up going a minimum of 2 times before 8:30am. *shakes head*

        I'm not sure how that ratio thing works but I've noticed it too. Granted, I'm not terribly good at physics, but it just doesn't make physical sense. X amount goes in shouldn't equal X to the 10th power out.
  • Did I mention how happy I am to know I was right that you and ID would get along well? Can I say, "I told ya so!" now? *giggles*

    • Nope. But we have already discussed how good you are at this getting people together and figured there was going to be an air of smugness about you in short order. *^__^*
      • Yup. Yup. Yup. *grins*

        It just tickles me to no end that I got two kindred spirits together! :D
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