Waiter ~ reality cheque please

Waiter ~ reality cheque please

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...the best part is that it's part of an online series about people who are addicted to play games online.

Crazy things some folks do with their time, eh? Thank goodness I haven't gotten sucked down into that abyss...


*sound of eyes rolling fills the room*
  • I LOVE IT. It's gone straight to my favourites!
    • This thing would so NOT have made sense if I'd not spent some time inworld...now....it's hilarious.

      ALSO having started watching the show I am convinced it can be applied to ANY MMO or fandom for that matter. No matter what it is online that people fall into ~ there will be drama.

  • I had just recently seen this video from a different friend (who is totally into Guild Wars, btw) and have not been able to get the song out of my head! It's even, it just gets stuck there and won't go away. I'm sure I'll get tired of it eventually.

    Anyway, here's a second version of the same song using Second Life characters... totally made me think of you, for some weird reason. *laugh*

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