Resin theory

Resin theory

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Q: What happens when you put 2 crazy doll ladies and 10 dolls into the same room together?

A: The laws of physics get bent out of shape as time speeds up and 5 1/2 hours flash by in seconds.

*^__^* OF course Professor Tameiki had already done the math and predicted as much.
  • I was shocked that time went by so quickly. I can't begin to express how happy your visit made me. Thank you for visiting.
    • I kept doing a double take at the wall clock over you shoulder ~ surely it can't be two...no four...no wait FIVE hours!


      I had a wonderful visit and was every so happy that you could take the time to see me again while I was up here at the 'rents place. :)

      Definately have to visit again before my next *farm-sitting* in 2010. Maybe drag you up to my mess in Waterloo >D
      • That would be very cool. I wouldn't want to impose on you, but a visit would be ever so much fun.
  • ^_________________^

  • I'm glad you had such a great visit with Iron Dog. I heard all about it from her side, but it's still cool to see that you both enjoyed yourselves immensely. ^_____^

    (And of course tam knew what would happen. *laugh* She's just smart like that. *nods* And! She was probably hoping to get the heat of doll-focus off of her for a while! LOL)
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